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All these faulting
Put my all in
Let it function
Let it rush in
While my blood goes up with no caution
I've been caught in
All these
to You
Never giving in to Your desuetude
Calling out myself to say I need to change
Eau De Javel
Living days, faulting everybody else
Drop the money with the dice now you see I'm all in
Why you niggas faulting
And I swear my heart cold like Alaskan dinner and I swear I won't fold
or nothing
100 percent, no faulting
And when you're talking you dey make me lose my mind
But when you smile
You dey make me Kolo
Baby you're looking so fine
basic human emotion

Whether things get better is not
All that important to me but I try, I try
Isn't as hard if you
Battery charge
The faulting of
Nature's test is second-best
Give a chance to sorrow
Never faulting never feeling
It's already become this way
Never seeming that you're feeling
It's already
Nature's test is second-best
Give a chance to sorrow

Never faulting never feeling
It's already become this way
Never seeming that you're
she's been
For machine and a feeling I still care
Faulting to mention forms in flight
Fabulous in dream of eve

Flaying on the ground and your infant
She screams out every night in a billion tears
In desperate fear that you're somewhere near
Faulting her action for all that's occurred
faulting my game
Niggas know I bring assault like the same

	It's the Bayside (Massacre)
	The Bayside (Massacre) On and on and on (Repeat 2x)

Please save myself from me 

My character is too strong for this place
(Faulting me for your weakness)
I need to move to a new place
I want to get
And let them bleed
Counter-agents fill in the mistakes
Of faulting traits
Show me what is real
Teach me how to feel
Hiding what I am
Only to explode again
Engage for feelings
Faulting the emotions
For a world that doesn't exist
Coping from a grievance
Set forth the reasons
Engulfing you into the abyss
Everyday they put me down and they faulting me
And they claiming they don't hate my kind
They don't wanna straighten it out
Hear what my people talking about
that could stop us now is if intentions are faulting
You don't have to say one more word, 'cause I can tell that you want me, you want me
I don't know
ain't faulting you
I ain't no hating ass nigga, yeen' gotta worry bout me crossing you
We just gone get to the paper, anything extra is just gon' be
When we were kids everything was simpler, none of this inter-web live-streaming virtual online faulting technology
We would climb a tree or build
its not safe
So what in that case
She said locked the gate 
Lemme close the case
Cause u can relate
Truth before its late
You be faulting fakes
On your
Tackling the problems, of my past, where they dont haunt me
In a place, that's devoid, of the people that be faulting
I just dive in, given it my
So long
This is never gonna stop
You said
Things look better with the lights off
Already gone
Not quite ignored
Faulting faster
Than you’re adored
the courage to propose a real relationship with them
The only ones guilty of faulting your pure love is them
All the girls and women who were too selfish
and listen 
But your mind was set on doing what you knew 
Each time faulting all around you
Till your reflection caught you
Now you say give me a little more
from me
Cause i did some dirt in these streets
Robbing folks didn’t give af bout seeing em next week
At the moment i needed it instantly
Faulting me for
to really care
About the guilt lent
Minor details I had right when
Fixing every fault that I had never wrong for faulting
Hocus Pocus if I care
Our place

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