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that I bought from the fish
My arm in the pot, I'm cookin' the dish
I'm workin' my move, I'm twistin' my wrist

I fathered the style, gave you all
somebody do it shout 'AJ T'
'Cause I fathered the flow, fathered the styley
Bare man wanna be a AJ follower
I need workers so it's fine by me
driving me loco
If I gone marry one Then
I’ll Have a YOKO
I fathered your skills boy can’t you
See, all of your moves yeah you got
From me, just you wait
Y'all so transparent it's see thru 
I fathered yo style you just my son a part two like a sequel
Send a clean up crew to come sweep ya
Or roll up a blunt
Bitch, I'm royalty, you better bow down now
I'm in my Zap Zone, you gonna plow the crowned how?
I fathered you, here's your dinner, how 'bout you chow
wreck yo mental health 
See I fathered the D and fathered the E
The middle part of dope is still O.P.
If you got in it you wouldn't last a minute
My shoes
I'm not asking nobody
Cause they never got it for me
Shit I done fathered a lot of these niggas
You gone hear about it but not from the bee
Not into
When you fail, I can fix it
I am your counselor, your provider, your friend
Just father others as you are fathered by Me

When you're weak I am strong
Disrespect the whole lot of you
I resent the father that fathered you
You looking stupid
I don't bother with you
I cook you up like a motherfucking
of the forest
A climber of the trees
Like a friendly, bearded, wily Womble wandering free
You were fathered by "The Nature"
And you fathered Yosemite
For everyone
Miracle, faith (faith), favor (favor)
It's in the room (it's in the room)
No longer (are we abandoned) are we abandoned
(We are Fathered) we are Fathered
Or to deride what he has fathered

Who am I when push comes to shove?
A madman investing exanimate matters
To descry anatomical enigma?
Or to deride what he
we can't afford to feed

Famine fathered a moth. Famine fathered a moth
That begot our fathers

Keep your voices down I'm sneaking out
I heard the word
Your kid ain't the third
Your dad was doin' ya
The kid is his junior

I know what your dad did
He fathered his own grandkid

Let somebody worry 'bout me

I want to be mothered
And fathered
And sistered
And brothered
Its gonna be gruesome and grand
I swear I'll keep you
I'm a playground legend like Kirkland Pee-wee
Name a nigga in the league got more game than me
I play hard, there's so many women I fathered
Meet 'em
the White House, pistol on my lap, yes
I remember, when I first met that wonderful girl
Club Rolex, she fathered my mother a pearl

Spinning wild living
bein' the bastard that Marcy had fathered
Now my name's being mentioned with the martyrs
The Biggies and the Pacs and the Marleys and the Marcuses
its way home like a road map I fathered this
If I mislead any kid that's fatherless
That burden's on my soul as long I exist
Generation lost they saying
Justin Bieber's, Pop star Justin Bieber, denied he fathered a child
There's a lot of good that comes with celebrity you know that
There is also
Started with a dollar and a dream!

I was fathered by the bastards
Pardon my mannerisms
The Curtiss magnet that managed without the metal with him
be further, I fathered your style
Birth of a Nation, Nat Turner style
Uh, y'all make me turn up all this talkin' down
Uh, niggas is skippin' leg day
I'm a playground legend like Kirkland Pee-wee
Name a nigga in the league got more game than me
I play hard, there's so many women I fathered
Meet 'em
Right now I wanna be somebody's baby 
Let somebody worry 'bout me 

I wanna be mothered and fathered 
And sistered and bothered 
It's gonna be

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