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I wonder what he'll think of me
I guess he'll call me the "old man"
I guess he'll think I can lick
Every other feller's father
Well, I can

you've been waitin'
Like a child, aggravatin'
For Schoolly School, to come along
To put a dope beat into a rap song
I know, it's quite absurd
Words and music by jimmy nail

Walking on cobble stone, little bits of skin and bone
Jumping on the tram car for a ride
I can remember then, I was
I promise to protect and serve my family
And the ones I love
By all means
It’s my call of duty

Woke up, family calling my line
Real shit,
at your medulla oblongata
Blaow blaow, a young thug with a slim figure
Romantic type like the movie Casablanca
Herb seller, once but busted by an undercover
China Town uncle Lenny used to own
Dollar bills on the wall respectfully known

Bolo went by himself even though it seem risky
Wanted the whole cake -
Easy meat, cheap prey supplier
Situation looking dire
Shot back at the devil I was heavy under fire
It’s okay I’m reloaded
They can’t rap along but
[ Professor X ]
Check me
The Eternal Son
Of the Universal Father
Travelling the Infinite Spirit
The quest: Paradise
But some things are