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Oh, what happened to you?
Whatever happened to me?
What became of the people we used to be?
Tomorrow's almost over,
Today went by so fast
It all went by so fast
I'm always looking back
On some golden day
But nothing gold can stay
Older yes and wiser some
I am what I have become
But am I
you, that's you

(Try on)

You cannot make time go backwards
Or make it run fast forward
It will go on without you
Clear is my mind echoing
Fun, fun, fun, fun 
Lookin' forward to the weekend 

Seven, forty five, we're drivin' on the highway 
Cruisin' so fast, I want time to fly
Turn it back
Fast forward
You want a good one?
Only time will tell

By the time your dreams come true
You've turned into someone else.
Strum me hard, strum me fast,
Fears sure built into every wall
Looking hard through the glass,
Fears sure built in with every waltz

Looking out
Move fast-forward through the CameraEye

Move fast-forward through the CameraEye

The CameraEye
The CameraEye
Drown yourself in bread and coffee
Fast forward right through the news
We spend weeks just window shopping
What else can we really do?
We could
The course set for complete oppression
An explosive destination
Fast forward ahead into time
Technology metamorphasizing

Beware, beware imposed
I'm going
Fast forward
Alone in the dark
There's no one
Around me
By my side
When you put your hands over your ears
You don't hear me
fast forward
Troops passes by
The aim is to reach the target
Before the morning sun
Fires in the horizon
Lightens the path below
Chains and iron
broken screams
Spitting out obscenity
Disregard all life
Take fast make strikes
Tearing flesh to bone
Nothing left, no moans
Planted bodies, shallow
Tick tock and the world turns 'round, 
There's only one way out
All I know since she came to town
It's a fast forward, baby, merry go round,
through this, some with scars to show
Driving forward, falling toward impending doom
Intoxicated by the blood of the moon
I've driven the final nain into
of driving
Don't wanna drive no more

Driving and driving
Fast forward rewind
Every morning and night
Every day of my life
Thinking about you
The constant realization of dominance results in fear

Wake-up tired with a mouth full of nothing
Deceived distressed by the truth they've been
was cool. That was hot."]

That was it. You know, I ain't get no deal then, hehe. Okay, fast forward. So, Blueprint, "H to the Izzo," my first hit
(Matraca Berg/Gary Harrison)

He ran hard, he ran fast
A fallen angel on a weekend pass
Never looked forward, never looked back
A blaze of glory
A fatal attraction is holding me fast how
How can I escape this irresistible grasp? 

Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue tied
obsessed now
I'm in your I drive in your fast car
It's mastered by a renaissance girl

I'll release my mind you can be my back bone
I call you honey you
I tried to face it
I tried to erase it
I tried to race it
I can?t erase it

Driving in the slow lane
Watching everybody shooting by
In the fast lane,
When I set out, this was just a track
Now it's a rocky road
I left so fast I didn't even pack
I just hit this rocky road
The flint and shell is
that frown
So much more than we live for
You got fast forward through all of the bullshit times
You got to clear out the dust for room to breathe
I don't like to
Racing against time, it's all I do
Racing against time, I don't like to

The clock keeps ticking, pieces of my life go slipping by
the war fast forward owning self-destruction and all achieve a missile
Tests mortifying flash huddles 'round the radio and tube console to control

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