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Speculate who might be fucking a guru

Rock on, rock on with your fashionable frown
Rock on, rock on. Spread the love around
Rock on, rock on with
I just want to run around
I don't want to settle down
Politically fashionable scene
Fascist managers dreams

My politics don't sell clothes
I'm a beautiful (Beautiful)
Powerful (Powerful)
Fashionable (Best dressed)

But I'm miserable without your love
Miserable without your love
ourselves in loud and fashionable ways
A naive young secret for the new romantics
We express ourselves in loud and fashionable ways

Faces like angels,
Remember dior, sir
I'm your circus clown

And miss u.k. stood
For something that's fashionable

Miss u.k. seasons come and go
Felt tip eyeshadow


For reasons that are not mysterious
Morality's used as a tool
The poor are told to be contented
But in this life they've no choice
broken face
A lazy life of fatal waste
Of fashionable cynicism
The poison they want you to drink
Oh no man that's too easy
Oh no man that's too easy
express ourselves in loud & fashionable ways
A naive young secret for the new romantics
We express ourselves in loud & fashionable ways

Faces like angels,
driving you to death

Five gears in reverse
You think I don`t know what I`m doing
Another fashionable first
Like walking down the road to ruin
But if
And one of these days the Hoover factory
Is gonna be all the rage in those fashionable pages

Five miles out of London on the Western Avenue
Must have
Fashionable hope
This big illusion
One big joke
Plastic people living the dream
Sell their soul to make the scene

Mega dope
Mega beat
Mega fake
on the silver screen
You got the most fashionable death since james dean
You get a piece of the action, uh huh
When I'm with you I'm valuable
Original and fashionable
I'm totally formidable
When I'm with you

When you're with me invincible
My, aren't we fashionable?

Calls made
Your ride awaits
You've dressed your lips in rose
The powder on your face
Who else could get so close?
woman on a fashionable couch
Cane on the carpet tapping as she expounds
Tapping, tap tapping
A little late night caching
A tender moving soul shake
and exotic Governor
Lord Cornbury, whose custom it was
To take a daily stroll dressed
In silk gowns like a fashionable lady
In this he failed
to our clothes
The fashionable out number the martyrs. Apostles was your hands

Can you hear them coming?
Can you hear them gnashing?
Fashion police
I know it's not fashionable
To be this hopeful, well laugh away
I didn't think it was possible
To be grateful, anyway
I know it's not sensible
But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

Fashionable fascism dominates the scene
When the ends don't meet it's easier to justify
Aficionado, so fashionable
Wit a confident swagger, international
Game so tight the girls had to go
And you don't stop!

[Verse - Beanie
A hundred dollars
Buy success
Hanging with your fashionable whores
And I'm a wounded bird
I will take your word

You and Tom (you and Tom)
To the prom
suffered, never paid the dues living contradiction,
live a lie oh so fashionable what a goddamn pitiful sight it must
be a great thing knowing it all
You are fashionable
Like any other trend
You follow on

You, you are not your own person
You, took a tactical diversion
Why, not
Make me your cannibal
Make me your product and I will make you rich
It's still fashionable, isn't it?
All this time it's been killing you
All this

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