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(They dribble on my balls in the whip, now that's a sports car)
Dog, you gotta see him when he drive by
(Cock-eyed) Have all the Ladys goin' GaGa
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How long u think that's finna be ya wife
Well I'm livin the life
You just gettin' it right
Your old lady look at me
'Cause you ain't hittin' it right
of this be	-boy thing
If it's broke then fix it

If it's wack remix it
Can't none of you MC's ever fuck with these
You be crazy on my dick
Like some
the gala
Music is dead, fames alive Lady Gaga
They complain about the drama go
Play the martyr role better than Mohammed Atta
Suffa, grimy as Calcutta
Understand I'm here to get this dough
It ain't about Brooklyn or Harlem
No more them it's about fame or stardom
It's about me being on blocks you borrowed
[Soulja Boy]
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, This the remix
V.I.C. You already know what it is man
It's ya folk Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Checkin' in everything

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