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to the SA
My family call me Hoodie we cool with the last name
I be takin' down my enemy, shoot 'em like Max Payne
Playin' video games, no lana del rey
in the minute
They're stripping in my living room
I wanna be with you
You're just different like Lana Del Rey
You could play me all day like
Andale, all white, Lana Del Rey
Video games, fuckin', my life, gotta love it
Nothin' above it
Angels and Rolex, a ho fast in public
I don't shop
think it’s all sun rays and sippin Alizé
They tripping off fame, game different now-a-day
CES all day, hit them with the power play
They better drop
fama y por el money

Aprendete mi lirica mas tirable como el Broni

Alimenticio como el cereal del tigre Tony

Y agradable como el honey

the house of fame
Now we sipping champagne on the motherfucking plane
Cause they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us
They Feeling Us, are you Feeling us?
They Feeling