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on the lies of what is true
Wave goodbye to falsifier
Only blood of truth from me to you
We float around like feathers
No one left to defeat
Darkness where
Lockjaw. Lockjaw doesn't like children
Who tell lies. Late at night he stalks the houses of the fibbers and the
Falsifiers, and before they can cry out
Caught in the chains you do not know
You hold the Key to the Truth
But these chains they dull you mind

Shackled by the falsifiers
They share
des services, l'IGS
Prend mon témoignage la justice fera le reste
A-t-on le droit de falsifier quand on est assermenté
Et ensuite demander que
Return was deception
Rose colored glasses slip back to reality
Pathological falsifier
Always really meant never
Cursed by your charm, hurt by your harm
of regret
Falsifier walk the path to conspire
These words will strike you like venom
From the fangs of a monster
You've become infected with this virus
On va falsifier ton dossier, maintenant c'est sûr que tu vas tomber
Il y a ton daron qui se tape une douille, ta go qui nous lèche la nouille
Hear our defiance
Down with the tyrants

Born of retribution
Born of a maleficent fantasy
The shape of the falsifier
sous la joie
Et j’entends dans la musique les cris, les rires
Illusion, juste une illusion
Illusion, juste une illusion
S’il suffisait de falsifier les
The jealously that drives your rage
Held back by the falsifier
No one knows your fucking name
Drag the lake and exhort the blood in peace
You will never hold this
D’après eux
Réécrire notre histoire
C’est de falsifier les pages
Faut quitter la cage
Vesqui les plaquages
J’ai cachette secrète dans le garage
RIP badboy
Have you transcended
Can you deceive, perceive in vain
Can you decipher
You drag my name through mud and rain
The falsifier advocates but I remain
for me to hide

I’m so good at lying to myself
I’m a full blown falsifier

Lately I’m in touch with my reality
Can’t believe it’s better than a fantasy
As the world is set aflame

Falsifier, Heretic
Creator of the great trick
Now, it's time has come
Earthquakes, Rumors of war 
But there is more in
Like the ish was adjustable
And I hope that you falsifiers
Can afford a deductible
And I couldn't tell yall nothing
But other rappers and their
Masters of doublespeak
Hold no moral truths or beliefs
Cash speaks as dictation
Laws inspired by self preservation

King of the falsifiers
Here, alone I am...
With no glance of hope
Lonely like an eagle
In a falsifier freedom

Longing in corners
Crawling by the infinity
On a morbid
liar, falsifier
please shut up
Say so little, talk so much
Rover rover play times over
Grab the rope and throw you over (Bye, Bye)

See ya later
Trapped in this damned infernal maze
Crucifier born of fire
Set my world ablaze

In my darkest hour with thy kingdom's power
Hear my song
falsifiers can afford a deductible
And I couldn't tell y'all nothing but other rappers and their deals
But I got that fire, they false alarming with day-drills
à vous dire, tant de choses, ma foi
Que ça peut nous conduire encore loin cette fois
Vous dire la fêlure qui vient à pas légers
Falsifier l'aventure et
à vous dire, tant de choses, ma foi
Que ça peut nous conduire encore loin cette fois
Vous dire la fêlure qui vient à pas légers
Falsifier l'aventure et
durs, on croit qu'en soi
Avant que la vie, mais à l'usure j'en colle cinq sur ta figure
Fâché sur feuille, je peux pas falsifier les faits
Les faits me
J'lui dis "bébé, faut qu'on soit prudents, tu sais
Enlève ton masque pour me sucer"
T'as pas de cul, l'docteur va régler ça
J'peux t'falsifier

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