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of Alicia keys verse
I'm falling for you
I wish I had an opportunity to not do
What I did to hurt you
Now I'm here living with regrets

I know that it was my
of Alicia Keys verse

I'm falling for you
I wish I had an opportunity to not do
What I did to hurt you
And now I'm here living with regrets

I know
the first verse I ever spitted
I release I'm still apart of history
I learned the key to victory, its not a mystery
See I got alotta love for what I do in
When the lights grow dim
Is there really a voice inside
In the silent within

Torn apart by a twister of greed lust and pride
When I bleed
you hold the evil
I'll rip you all apart
I'll cast your soul to Satan
Die by holy fire
Rise and stand before me
Burning on the pyre. Burn.

[Solo: Mike]
The Jonah...The Jonah

In Twisted Key She Speaks A Word To Me And Then I See
Her Face Falling Apart
The Word "Jonah" Is Her Mark, She's
I circled twice then pulled in by the shopping carts 
In a cold steady rain coming down in the parking lot 
I saw him leave his truck running
it's like the fifteenth time I'm begging on my knees.
We falling in and out of love like Alicia Keys.
But I, thought you grasped the difference between
something like you that has me falling apart
While I’m pressed into you in the back of your car
With your keys digging into your side
Reminds you
an unfinished work of art
for thirty-three and a third is as high as a mason can go
without falling apart

Thirteen stars in the original flag!
Thirteen demons
Midnight Saturday sat in the dark
Watching the ceiling falling apart
The air-conditioner's been busted for weeks
So the smell of cooking seeps

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