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pussy prada whole lotta colada
Spiked Punch
Show me love up in the club gotta show a little love to the ones
That I love
Spiked Punch
Give me love up
Ay, and I just got back from Tokyo ay
I put spikes on all my chucks now ay
I'm in pluto I ain't coming down ay
And I'm cooking Amy Winehouse ay
they just beatin' up
Got even the little kids pickin' up pennies and nickles
Cuz they're fallin' in love with his teddy book
Give them livin'
Speak my own slang-uage
Still I am the real-iest
Surrounded by Ciroc but your boy sipping Hennesey
Loves is a hospital and I was born in V.I.P.
Out on the weekend
Let them in, get the lights, let party begin
Mix a little love, get the mood jumpin'
From new york to miami by ten
I think
Block away watch by Gotti and Girvano
It's la costra nostra, someone close approach ya
They'll toast ya gopher, bread loaf with shofer
Old coke they
Is it cool when I get it, act a fool
Can I hit it by the pool
Baby, tell me if you're with it, with it
Is it cool, can I it when the club over
your nigga don't sleep 
Homey enough and see 
Well, hand your nigga some heat 
So I can feel warm in these cold ass L.A. streets 
Now hook ya nigga
Guys like pretty girls in the world (Let's get this know what I mean?)
Women love men with money (Oh shit you got my nigga Carl on this too?)
an unbelievable night
I called it surreal, Sir Mix-a-Lot tape in
Hit the spot, spot my next victim
I'm picky like I missed a spot shavin'
Came to sip vodka,
We can keep the club jumpin' till daylight
From New York to L.A. through the Bay; right?

Back up to back up in the mix like that (yeah!)
And I
chill ich im Fuchsbau
Bis man es im Bauch fühlt und der Sound im Club taugt
Weil Bass ist golden, wie das M wenn du in Burger beißt
Doch magst du