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Achieved and in denial
Betrayed by belief

Lambs to the slaughter
Kingdom undone
The sleeper has awaken
Raging angles, battle no more

Father in Heaven, a desolate kingdom
His paradise, his promise, a faded flame extinguished by the dark
Lifetimes of devotion...eternities
made a casual delivery 

Please build a future darling 
With our bomb 
Cherish and love it 
For the sake of 
Earth bound kingdom come
a girl
Now his kingdom has fallen
And it's really quite a tragic tale
Cause he built a castle to harbor his queen
But the queen claimed he built her
Ruler of his kingdom
Betrayed by his church
Out for revenge
Denouncement of faith
Mountains painted red
Stained in blood for victory
Return to his land
the morning
Kingdoms and mercies and life for all time

Many a time I thought I had fallen down
Away by the wayside
My heart fallen
My legs buckle under
came crawling...

The ground was covered by fallen men, their bodies mangled and torn
Upon the Hillside the Final stand, and they knew they would come

Dark age
Kingdoms lost in shadows
Fallen empires
Cursed by unholy lord
Buried into ashes
Ancient realms forlorn
Into eternal
left that made it home
Their lives will see no more
Gone to meet their fallen friends
In Flanders fields of war 

In the kingdom of the cross
his name, backwards
And eternity will rot

A spiral down the freezing point
There were Lucifer reigns
Captured by the fallen angel
Locking their
the fallen
Hearts full of grief
Blessed are the feeble
Who deny their own belief
So nail me to cross
Then break the seventh seal
Paradise regained by
to find my kingdom
My total war to find release

When bones are broken, blood is spilled
By a fist that's led with force
Will the minds change bitter
Fallen into oblivion
The last view inside my mind
Silver walls of the castle
Risen proudly towards the sky
The rebellion failed
Many brave ones
Led by hundreds of mighty and fallen lords

Dead, laments and unholy sorrow
The heads of the fallen are staining the snow
May this be the last
The Book of Mystery evil in now standing at the gates of Kali. Who can svae The Kingdom of Kali? Is it destined to fall by the hands of the evil one? Only
A forgotten absolution remains within the shadows
Reborn and replenished to reflect sights unseen
The sins of the fallen will be exceeded by the sins
To the fields where the blood of men flows.
Lightning strikes as swords sail and heads roll.
Many have fallen by the strength of my blade.
My rage is
how mighty are your wonders
Your kingdom is everlasting, yet so empty
Your saints have chosen sin over glory
Your strength has diminished, my fallen
See the harlot riding sinner scarlet
She's a city made of souls
To the Devil she will hold... to the end

Drunken blindness...fallen! is her
of extermination

His was the roar of the king of beasts
Of typhoons- and fallen kingdoms and kind
Of ravening- as predator to prey
And of fiercest lightnings
Lost love beyond fallen sorrow 
See the black dawn rise 
We fell in ecstasy 
Turning the mist into shadows 
In pain I see the falling raindrops
from the sacred bones
Set free by the ravenous hunger of crows
Broken wings drenched in black seed
As a praise to their tragedies

A travesty
(Originally performed by Depeche Mode
Music: Depeche Mode / Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek)

I feel you
Your son is dead
I feel you
Within my mind
in their brains
Terror is their only aim
Gods of war and fallen kingdoms
Prayed for it in times of decay
A curse of the unity of the undead
"God tonight your holy temple will be destroyed"

Died on the cross for all human sins
Called himself a hero arrogant nazarene

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