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Every time I speak her name
Her name

As the clouds roll by outside
I fall asleep
Grinning faces stare at me
But they can't speak

said, same rain
Doesn't fall down twice.
Days, gone by,
Come back as the morning light

A colourless demise rises
And the only shelter I used
Won't you tell me your name 
I've been waiting here for hours 
In the garden by the flowers 
You're so shy 
So just open your eyes
heard wrong grandma, there's no tailor
You mean the butcher grandma by the name of Lazer-Wolfe
No, I mean a tailor Tevye, my great grandchild
My little
of 12 actors named Cory
Shows for next fall, they already been namin
CSI: Boise, and Touched by an Uncle
Both sound pretty lamen, and so does everybody
Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
George duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals)
Tom fowler (bass)
Ruth underwood (percussion)
Jeff simmons (rhythm
A house boat by it called the Gin Palace
Docked in White Trash Bay
We serve homemade tequila 23 hours a day
We got hand rolled cigars and a 3 foot
Sarah Lee. I'm to hiphop what Oprah is to TV. Fo sho' so please, stop hating on me. Ain't nuttin changed still fuck you pay me. By the way got more game
wait Sarah you're late
Your train left Mascara and eggs smear on your face
Night's over, good bye ho I thought that I told ya
That spilled nut ain't
on the dashboard
Let the real players play this shit
Yah can fucking wretch up?

Pack up get started walking
Fall back now on your losses
You can't
Three-fourths of every store has only rap on their racks
Rap force goin strong, on and on
Take a few seconds, to say peace to Sarah Vaughn
Now back to the steel
soldiers we can barely fall asleep
And time and time again I'm feeling incompetent
Cos my women back home, we're constantly arguing
And I must be crazy cos
that's 'cause we're killing everybody that we see

And most of us soldiers we can barely fall asleep
And time and time again I'm feeling incompetent
other little runts
We call her a fall girl, she does so many stunts
And then she got liver, she did it with the guy that drives the bus
Now she's

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