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another lesson learned
Every sleepless night is another page I've turned
I wake up to fallin' dreams

And the petals start to fade by the picket fences
Take a chance for me
I know I can't disguise the way I feel
Lift the pages I once knew outside lay the ashes alone
And I was taken by the hand
for eternity

Pressed between pages
Flowers will die
Stories may end as time passes by
You and I will always be

With every word that
made up words
Don`t have a meaning anymore
Carried away by nighttime birds
A blank page left to die

The songs I wrote fade with the wind
and the melody's played, 
As the years turn their pages, they all start to fade. 
The oceans still move with the moon and the sky, 
The grass still grows
One by one the teardrops fall as I write to you
One by one my words come falling on the page
One by one my dreams are fading in the twilight
left us infinity 
And well pressed pages torn to fade
Drive on with wild abandon
Uptempo, frenzied heels 
Rave on, Walt Whitman, nose down in wet
Falling into emptiness
Where nothing else will last
Embraced by loneliness
Forgotten is the past

Be welcome my friend
At the dawn of a new age
Don't You Fade on Me by Firehouse

Look at our love
It's like a picture book of memories and we don't know how the story ends
When we were young
And the world and its glories will fade
But his truth it will not pass away
It remains yesterday and forever the same
The word is alive

I go to bed at night
Wondering how I got here
And you are not here...
I dream of the time
We were together
Hovering, or bodies discovering
Side by
The biggest reason that makes the sound, memorable episodes by themselves are found by kissing or frowns or interior fucking laughs. So explain
On a page inside a spiral notebook

Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way
I can live forever here
Just fade away
Please let me stay
Broken dreams I can't deny,
As I see life pass me by...
Looking through the pages of my,
Fading memories I,
Stumble on a younger day,
Time keeps
Find a way
To hide away
Turn the page
Or fade away

All we need
Will come to me
Dawn will rise

Oh, sun
the hours go by
Fall and then arise again
I hear the darkness breathe

Sunk into the horizon
Fall down

Let those tears come down
Let them fade away
Because we ain't seen nothing yet

Hands untied
But the same shuffle once again
Running all the time
Ain't going nowhere
It's a new page in the same
Can we open the pages
To remember a time
When the images focused
And the planets were aligned
All the stars up above us
Let us travel through
Snow cries hard onto flooded earth, 
But it can't compare to tear-soaked beds Shared by
Forbidden lovers again

One more time Before we fade away,
Gone like the dreams that you made
Sad how memory fades
Drawn by the mystical sight
There's a voice in the night
And your eyes see it all

much to come

Broken dreams
Misery replaced by constant ecstasy
Wide awake, open wide
Existence of a better kind
Waits for you, waits for me
by, don't you let 'em fade away,
So you'll remember what I forgot to say, write this down.

I'll sign it at the bottom of the page, I'll swear under
somebody to represent
Mia-x, unlady like, realest female you ever heard
Produced by the beats by the pound, the realest label you ever heard
Y'all know we
I can't get by
There are just one or two
Unkind things I said to you
Daddy what was I supposed to do?
I don't know why it was so hard to talk to you
I, I miss you, I just can't resist you
I need you like the sun needs the day, oh please, won't you come back again

Line by line, so many pages I