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To the factious lies
So take my life
Cause I'm ride or die
Won't be scrutinized
To these unions tie
True to my beliefs
If not its suicide
by the factious be broached,
Your Augusta will never be
From your kinder arms debauched.
a virtue 
But I’m racing 
I’m rapping
I'm taking my chances and
Placing the factious with the fake
And I practice 
So I am, without surprise, good at it 
Heard they hating on me why they trynna take my energy
All that **** isn't meant for me
Cooking like it's hell's kitchen am so vicious
control I drive the fastest when Genesis sings swift sounds Moriah
China has gas ciously holo in coxicated their people with factious fashion glasses
and that's factious 
Tongue ring and earrings, anklets and nose ring
When I wear anyone of my rings 
Guess what it's gone be some bling bling 
Long hair fat
they attempts factious im the road runner 
They some scary ass boys 3rd Down punters 
I got real cash money like I know stunna 
I don't want a loan, I
factious personalities I'm out for a salary
Fuck beef, I'm tryna grind ashy to classy 
Most the people in here just focused on they studies
Where I come from
to us but he scammin 
Like sell the shit I need taxes 
And the super rich not in brackets 
It's so factious 
Still the steel just kill each other over
faked it and made it. 
Ya fake contagious that's fiction. 
I'm factious with diction. 
Beast say.


It was all a dream. 
It was all a dream. 
Its was
a glimpse of this God's greatest gift? Look within! There it is in the shrine of your soul, Hid by fears, factious mind and such foes of your lift! Well

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