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Pack your rations, pack a watch
Change of clothes and a face cloth
Meet me where your mother lies
We'll dig graves on both her sides
And lay
With this fuck-you money to say fuck you cos I can
Woo! jissis guys, this is nice!
Chilling up in motherfuckin business class
Take this hot face-cloth
Lying rigid on a table trying to move, I am not able
On my face a blood stained cloth I am dead but I am so pissed off
I will possess my shroud take
Well her clothes are blacker than the blackest cloth
And her face is whiter than the snows of Hoth.
She wears Dr. Martens and a heavy cross,
nothing to say
Just put the cloth right over my face

There ain't no other way
Because this is
The price
It's the price

Always the price I pay
Wholely naked
My my worn towel serving as loin cloth
Face turned red
Hands clutching at soap and froth
(Next, next)
I was barely 20
And we were over
Growing on their long lean twigs
Soul mirrors showing me
A shadowed face

Waters frozen and rugged, unmoved
Cloth, white, is falling
I paced in Agitation. I drew the curtains closed.
I turned the air conditioner on.
I pressed a warm wash cloth to my face.
Somewhere out there
a cloth like gauze

A cloth like gauze

People just let me down
I'd rather be alone by myself

Just the same as every face
Another hole in the human
the hood, they be goin' crazy
Too much hate, too much hate
Too much pay, too much pay
Too much talk, too much talk
Too much cloth, too much cloth
It comes as no surprise
Your face filled with lies
Hovers all around me in this room

Clouds hung with my dismay
A hot bed where we lay
Your every
Even more, they were boys, with their cars, summer jobs 
Oh my God
Are you one of them?
He dressed up like a clown for them 
With his face paint
I know what it means
It's a king on his feet with a cavalier face
Such a funny place
He's exhausted and shrewd
Not a man on the move
Just give
they bled 
Was a hymn to him 

Awake my little one
The seed of revolution
Sewn in the sleeve 
Of cloth humbly worn
Where others are adorned
And I'm worn out like a cloth
And I'm flying North again tonight

Flying North

Down with the landing gear
Up goes the useless prayer
The poles are tethers
I'm loosening the tightest overcoat
Unzipping curtains just to hide the show
Cloth openings are getting wider now
Rip off the fibers that contain
Smallpox champion you s of a 
Give natives some blankets 
Warm like the grave 
This is the pattern cut from the cloth 
This is the pattern
Recollections, anticipated days
The poor old cloth capped man had problems
Fitting in pitch fork victories in the next campaign
And down his garden path he stopped
The man of a thousand faces
Sits down at the table
Eats a small lump of sugar
And smiles at the moon like he knows her
And begins his quiet
Breathing an air of disgust
Cut from the cloth of disgrace
Watching this misery dance

Along the lines in my face
Say a prayer for me
But I won't be
So could I hear some gunshot inna di air
Nuh gal nuh neva sidung inna yuh face like chair
She have to find herself some other guy
Badman don't
a tree.
So, what's a stove? Or a house?
People who pass through Anatevka don't even know they've been here.
A stick of wood. A piece of cloth.
What do
a tree.
So, what's a stove? Or a house?
People who pass through Anatevka don't even know they've been here.
A stick of wood. A piece of cloth.
What do
Deceased not dead my fire burns
Procession of my rotting worms
Heads in hand and silent moans
Rotting cloth remains on bones

Furious yet I ride
I can't sleep tonight, till my story is told
I don't know how to let the story unfold
I'm a man of the cloth, and my conscience is bad;
I've got