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The only laws of matter are those our mind must fabricate, 
And the only laws of mind are fabricated by matter
Taken by the benumbed hands of an overthrowing fabricated God
Sadism is fashioned to derive pleasurable
And gratifying entertainment among
on the line

I don't want something complicated baby
I just want something simple like the truth
I don't want something fabricated baby
I just want
Of these times, it's well we make the most 
Boredom fabricated as you're going down each others' throats
And I'm so excited, happily divided
a dollar
These the smeared fingerprints of the gods

The ever evolving military industrial complex is bleaker than any
Fabricated hallucination

fade, They fade

I know the the thought is the matter
Fabricated of emotions
Fate light as a feather
Immortal corrosion
this I declare that tomorrow is an allusion
What if the clouds are fragments of mistakes
fabricated by the factories of our foolishness
Masses steered by fabricated thoughts
Societies wet dream and its goals
Societies wet dream

A long forgotten past
Replaced by what is "now"
Free thought is a lie
And our leaders have failed us
Our freedoms will die
With the kings who betray us

Fabricated wars
Gather the soldiers
of fabricated lies anyway

So can I get the fabrication?
Oh yeah
in paranoia A
Wooden heart never bleeds A wooden heart never bleeds,

Yet inextricable thoughts still weave Introspection
Fabricated for battle No
to become: 
Another fabricated self-portrait.
Oh oh no, take another glance and remember we're the ones
Setting you up to take our fall.

You are
that we're shoving our faults in their faces.
They wanted more.
Of the fame, of the scripted, the same,
Of the sacred, the fraud, fabricated.
They wanted
And you can't escape
We've been sold out we can get out

Lies sold tragedy all on your TV
Fabricated journalism
Junk news and jingoism
Fabricated rights and wrongs

Because vengeance is
No kind of leveller
Bloodless coup
Ultimately save
The strikes for the structure
Bloodless coup
of sincerity a rain of sin has fallen upon us infatuation with longevity has fabricated a false sense of security washed away flooded out consumed by the rain
suggestions telling me
Both what I want and what I need

We are fabricated
We are regulated
We will fight to control the truth

Their control
Engineers of the dead
Architects of destiny
A saving grace, a gift
Our lives are saved by incoherence

Tissues fabricated; produced by
Clutching to all that makes,
Makes you a man.
Shallow layer fabricated, still you pretend.
Head held too high to see the ground, its fucking close
There's no escaping
We fabricated a world of our own...

Cage of freedom, growing smaller
'Til every wall now touches the skin
Cage of freedom, filled
sleep now you've fallen for me

manufactured dreams and a fabricated resolution
how can we move ahead from this backward motion?

so now you will hear
all my time
Everything is faded
Smiles are fabricated now
I fear I've wasted all my sun
I fear I've wasted all my time
Held my eyes closed for too
cryin' in the kitchen
I argued with a broken heart and fabricated pride
And the battle raged for hours,
But I didn't have the power to make you understand
a false god to worship
Fallacious disingenuous
Lords of the illusional new church
Pre fabricated pope to service

God save the king
Send out succour
won't save the world
only praise of human kind

You close your eyes and place demise.
On this forgotten entity.
Fabricated stories,

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