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You think that I am fragile like a Fabergé
You think that I am cracking, but you can't break me
No, no way
No, no way
No, no way
You think that I
unfathomable firmament.

That we should set a course between the two
Clinging only to our orb of blue and red
Like Romanovs to a Faberge egg
Push Sisyphus,
You're in your own little world: an expensive birdcage;
Like a plastic baby in a Faberge egg
I saw you today at the Cafe Blase
And thought
What's the principal doin' with her?
Who's that guy, is he screwing with her?
What's her perfume? Tigress by Fabergé
It makes me cream my jeans
When she's
Then next you are wearing faberge (oh dear)
On your way to Covent Garden

It's another hollow line
From a wooden body
And you know you love him
wearing Fabergé, oh dear
On your way to Covent Garden

It's another hollow line
From a wooden body
And you know you love him
Because you know he loves you
dare to hide.
Take me out I’m dress to kill, for Faberge two world collide, take me out don’t break my will, I’m just a sinner in disguise.

Eins meiner Handy's klingelt, Samsung, Apple oder HTC
Du hast keine Eier meine Eier sind Fabergé
KaDeWe, scheiß auf die AfD
Bei der Bundestagswahl
addition listen close to the mission
The P.E.T.E.R.O.C.K., resume
With the route to Brut by Faberge
No doubt, to shout about a 20-bar segment
Off spring
fabricated in a fabergé egg sack shit
In a nutshell y'all cornballs, that's corn nuts y'all done warmed up
Snatching out on this bad traffic, I'm an asshole
Russo Baltique oder Fabergé-Eier, ein Wodka mit Soda
Opfer kriegen langsam so ein'n Hals wie der Kopf einer Kobra (so ein Hals)
Lasse die
vale oro e c’ho un un ovetto, tipo Fabergè
O sarà che sono onesto
Che vedo ancora qualche cosa di più grande in queste barre a tempo
Oltre lo stile,
Never lose the sight of the thrill of sneezing
Don't need a shower today just some Brut by Faberge
Smell the ass of my jeans clean they'll do another
questo ballo di macellai

Chi fa da sé frate' fa per tre
Cago uova d'oro, Faberge'
Più vicino ai marciapiedi
Dove ciò che vedi è vero, come la Bertè
couilles que j'ai, eh non, c'est des gros œufs de Fabergé
J'suis overbooké, OK zoogataga
J'ai appris une chose chez Ruquier
C'est le mot rutabaga

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