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Let's Dance! 「…」
Downer's show time

[g] [m] [F]
[g] [m] [F]
[g] [m] [F]
[g] [m] [F]
[g] [m] [F]
[g] [m] [F]
[g] [m] [F]
[g] [m] [F]
Bloody birthday!
Verse 1:
E F#m A E
Come here and look through the window Marie
F#m A E
Open up the shutters,tell me what you see
G#m A E
Was that his knock that I
Second verse minus the passing chords

Hey hey yeah la la la la
Oh oh la la la la la la la la la la

E / F#m7 / B/ A E F#m7 be A be E
You got
Pre>intro d bm d bm d bm

A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Every story told me, is wasted on my ears
A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Ah someone else's therapy, well
A f#m
The girl isn't ready (twice)

A f#m
The girl isn't ready is what her mother says
A f#m
We just put her toys away it seems like
Pre>cmaj7 bm7 f#m7 cmaj7 f#7
She never let me down. that's one thing I can say for sure
Bm7 f#m7 cmaj7 f#7
I had her wrapped around my finger. then I

Don't want to sit on the sideline
Or stare at the skyline, just wanna be free
Need to make a few headlines
Just looking for good times, just

My life is totally boring without you around
These days,
Intro & break:

Repeat break

Verse 1:
Em and I f#m ride my g bike d
Em and I f#m drive my g car d
Em I
Hey, little girl, comb your hair, fix your makeup --

Em7          A7        G/B     A7
Soon he will open the door.

F#m7          B7
Hey, little girl, comb your hair, fix your makeup --

Em7          A7        G/B     A7
Soon he will open the door.

F#m7          B7
a cinch to convict

Your boy's gonna make the great escape
While your laid bare on the ground
This vengeance had
Angel that you are
You still remember summer walks
          F#m          B                      E
And quiet talks we had
it in open chords.

Intro g d f#m g x 2

G d f#m d g d f#m d
Oh black honey's in my soul, oh black honey's in my soul
F#m d f#m d
Never been no poor
and money.

F.L.M. -
So tired
Watchinq the world go by

Seeing the time fly
Running away.
I canfly so high

I can see blue skies where
D            D6         Dm+7          Dm6
Old Father time checked, so there'd be no doubt;

 AM7           F#m       C#m7-5        F#7
I'll just run again   run away
    Bm        D       
Run again and bury my heart
    A    F#m                   
Run away Tear me apart
Pre>lead guitar intro em bm a em bm d a bm then bm g

Bm g bm g
Crimson autograph is what we leave behind, everywhere man set foot.
Em bm f#m bm
They're gonna tear down the grand old opry
         F#m                                             B
They're gonna tear down the sound that goes
Spit it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S.M.F.B. …
うっせーな 頭の中じゃ
なのに心は Out of control
F-A-M-I-L-Y till the day we die

This ain’t open any question ?
You gotta tell me straight
Before I get it in the air ?
But I don’t know how

Bridge number one
Bm see bm
It's like a mountain of debris that doesn't do anything
F#m g f#m
It just gets deeper than the sea and piles up
in my devotion
D a d
They can shoot hot knives a' down the line
A g
I just slam it down every time

Chorus 1

F#m g d
I got the telephone jammed in my
Pre>intro a asus2 a6 a a (twice) (the notes go c# be f# e c#)

A f#m g a
The party may wind down the bottles are strewn and broken
D em7 a
The games
not the greatest mystery that was ever told
E a e a
I may not be who you wanna spend a whole life with alone
E a g#m f#m
I'm not that fascinating with

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