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to expose them
Quicksand steals my shoes
Clouds bring the f-stop blues

Look who's laughing now that you've wasted
How many years and you've barely even
years of erosion 
Incoming tide touches roots to expose them
Quicksand steals my shoes 
Clouds bring the f-stop blues 

Look who's laughing now that
Room games and diamond rain
It's a fox hunt, it's a f-stop
It's a ten acre wood.
Outbound on a western train
It costs a quarter man
I'm not f**kin around 
Stop f**king with me 
And the children are born.
Your feeling through me, I, I
You're the children
you what’s up
I don’t trust that n****, f*** that n****
Stop bringing him up
Baby, I ain't never gave no f***s
One f***’s too much, unless you’re
Graduated with honors, she don’t drink she don’t light up
We're heavy on the powder, and every night is young
Red murcileago, Who the f*ck gonna stop em,
in the club blowed up, nine millimeter c***ed
Something's telling me to stop, f*** it I don't see the cops
N****'s don't believe until they see it's
drink tonight, 'cause tomorrow you gotta go

[Chorus: x2]

Ha ha ha, n****
Rookie of the year, play ya position n****, 
Y'all f*** boys stop ya
were true
You're like an angel when you sleep
The Devil's breaking through

I'd burn alive if that meant you would too
So stop F***ing with me
Calm down think before you speak. 
Put 'em in the state of mind now its plain deep. 
Its the D he gots no D, 
Stop f****n with me I let the heat pop,
know you can!
I know you that's why we gonna do it
Daz on the beat
Hey Daz, n**** stop f***ing around with the piano n****
Just drop that s*** like,
down with the underground
N****s get clowned when I come around
Boom boom motherf***er an' it don't stop
F*** a cop, pa** the glock an' it won't stop
beh's house
Back in time, was a bad fiend
Now I flex mad green get cream seven-fifty n----l gleam
Say hi to chocolate t--I f----d lives 

at the top
So fresh, so clean, thats why Im so happy, rocky,
Body looking like I ?
These my f*ckers cant stop me.

Push, ?
Make some noise, noise,
(F-A-G-E-A) The club'll band, the beat will knock 
(F-A-G-E-A) We just keep going, this shit don't stop 

Hey yo it's Louchy baby, smoke screen
the authorities no evidence
You gon' stop f****** with them warriors from New Orleans
And I really think that it'd be better if
I just hit ya block with that

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