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I will give thanks to the lord
With all my heart
I will tell of all thy wonders
I will be glad and exult in thee

I will trust in you my god

Hide hide, all good people hang out for a result
Hide dive hide, reasonable people in silence do exult
Realm of dusk

The Northerns
exults me, promises me the tender touch of the
serpents dreams. O' to dark foundations grey deliverance, mesmerized by descent shrouded in calm.
I speak to you like a frieland, a beck fray full of fame
Flames of hesitation today we'll see
Yearning after groans of pain I exult for me win
How many times will I look at you?
Allured by the scent of your death
And the savage priests, to a suffering soul
Exult in a strangled song

the salt; the dead exult
Preachers beg our clemency
Seeking warmth in humanity's eyes

We who kept the candle by the vault
We who kept the candle
Sheets of demons rush insanity skies 

Tread the salt, the dead exult 
Preachers beg our clemency 
Seeking warmth in inhumanity's eyes 

the chest he exults and screams
"Oh, yeah, it's no dream"

Diamonds, diamonds
Diamonds of the black chest

He holds out his hands and he touches
of a wasted life slip past the fingertips 
Rejoice, exult, a fitting conclusion to a melancholy myth 
A grave at sea, an absentee, whose presence won't be
And when things fi squeeze, that's when you-a freeze
You're in 2 deep
And you one a bleach
And you drop asleep and machine a beat
You're in 2 deep

You exult
The Eternal Fiends exult in rapture.
Tomb-worms bloat on carnal blood,
Trickling onto wraith-carved stone,
Dark laughter echoes through the vaults,
Ones intent
On reinstatement have won

We breathe by virtue of their rot
Now our souls exult above the stars of God

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