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Extroversion, kills the quiet, the meek; We reward those who shout, not speak

Without a conscious thought for a neighbour, friend or wife of years
Eres mi consonante y mi vocal, 
Mi extroversión, mi intimidad. 
Y en la prisión, mi carcelero. 
Eres experiencia, ingenuidad, 
Hecho de tierra y
remember that the time of my life 
Doesn't happen every day
Introversion extroversion are they both the same?
I wanna be with others but go out of my way
Oral eruption
Rectal extroversion

Your vagus implodes, as nausea strikes
Savaging your body in terminal retch
Violent spasms and decaying
to realize they’ve never worked at all
My stomach is constantly in knots and extroversion fades into the depths of my character
I want this feeling to end but
And attempt to engage in another tongue
By saying shit, I'm saying nothing at all
Just saying saying saying saying saying
These sudden surges of extroversion
But in truth, introversion and extroversion are merely two ends of a continuum
Mighta played myself a few times but I own that
Now that I'm grown I
been anxiously thinking about death
And what happens when we're gone
When we take our final breath

Scattered thoughts turn linear
Extroversion as a side
can keep your extroversion

Running, running without a reason
Don't know how to slow down, slow down. Never settled
Searching, searching for a release
nunca me quedó. 
Tengo mis sábanas con manchas 
Que nunca limpié. 

No vengan con su puta mierda a mi cuarto. 
No vengan con su depresiva extroversión
Crippled limbs splitting skin
Segmented abdomen
Misshapen appendages reconstruct
Transfixed in torture
Unending suffering
Epidermal extroversion
Listen to me listening to you
Listen to me
Listen to you
Listen to me listening to you
Too loquacious
Can't you see
All this extroversion
Is impeding on me

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