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the world of filth
This is my final solution

Extirpation agenda
No separation between race and gender
Extirpation propaganda
I am the herald of death
As we rise 
Your strength decays 
A vile cancer 
Searing flames shall burn away 

From my life 
The coup de grace 
Incandescent light

To extirpation the nature resource
To condolization of position

Chorus :

Hogging with sweath and blood
Adding fuel to fire
Meddling in business
Of multi-cultural
is now expropriated...

Extirpation of your guts
Cancerous relapse
Disembowel lesser pelvis
Curing cancer, the main aim
Last chance of survival
Last surgery that helps
This is the end of growth
My beloved creation driven to extirpation
Egoic behaviour a direct causation
Resources depleted
Last remaining
Carry on with the extirpation 
Desecration blasphemous full of agitation 
Aggravation we're a country full of desperation 
Discontinuation done
Bringing again the dark lords and rulers of this world
The ones who have risen once more
Evoking the utter extirpation
Joining us, the almighty magicians
Through Contaminated Viscous Tissues
Clotted Blood
Extirpation Of Rancid Parts
The Scalpels Don't Stop
pierce, scraping the cornea
Intersection of the carotid.

Extirpation of the dying pile of puke
Excressence of humanity, an organic cesspool
And an opium delight
Ensures survival
Of the host tonight
The order of offal
Awful and astounding
Extirpation of division
In the Omnigore's vision
Creation is sentenced to annihilation
Extirpation by flame
paid to deceive
They don't answer to you; power is above the law

Drown in contempt
Of life and death
Savages are in command

of humanity
Extirpation of the heathen
Cast into the infinite holocaust
Where time's end is never seen

Signs of the end have come
Nation will rise
the 'gift' of life Their fucking eyes driving my acrimony Oh how I plead for extinction You psychosexual retarded cunts Call me prophet of extirpation I will
left for dead
Extirpation complete
Created by those who 
eliminate their own breed. 
Monsters of torment and extirpation. 
They must drink it, oh shapely poor 
mother. She was petrified
Extroverted innards... Distorted image

"After the dexterous extirpation
Your whole guts are in my sight
Festered, bubblering viscus
This raw vision is my
the 'gift' of life
Their fucking eyes, driving my acrimony

Oh, how I plead for extinction
You psychosexual, retarded cunts
Call me prophet of extirpation

of tumefaction

Decaying by a malignant carcinosis
Re-generated after each extirpation
In a cancerous metastasis
Mortified proliferationd will never cease
of evisceration
Thoraxes severed by mandibles ravenous
Thousands lay gutted from this extirpation so calamitous

Succulent larvae, the spoils of war
The extirpation of the barren souls 
I am the ghost of premonition
Irradiant star of destruction
Baptized in death to bring life

Nothingness beyond reason
scraping the cornea Intersection of the carotid.  Extirpation of the dying pile of puke Excressence of humanity an organic cesspool Androgynous propagation

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