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that comes to extirpate 
Nation's malformation to wreck the desperation
Feel the breath of wind that comes to extirpate 
Nation's malformation 

I see
wasted here
If you can't care for you
Then why should I?

This temptation
Breeds annihilation
The urge to extirpate

The hollow consolation
to extirpate

Violently I gouge into the wrigging visceral mass
Dissing up kidneys urine bladder I slash

Your septic iliac fossa I excavate
Morbid organs I want
I feel no good in hearing
I might extirpate, yeah
It’s a warning sign for you
Before we eradicate ya’ll
Thinking stupid to meet
The caliber
Your bets your teams your fuckin' triumphs

I raise my fist up in the sky
Brothers and sisters extirpate this plague
We're marching through
I'm a little superstitious baby, tell me your sign
I see your body glowing, flowing, I’m kinda liking your vibes
Maybe them thighs
You extirpate my
laugh defiles
Perfect quietness

Noise wakes madness
It extirpates recklessness
I'll make you whisper
I let only whisper

Irritating noise will be crushed
Blood on the ground

Mercy, you beg to me
Suffer, the causality
Slaughter, the enemy of I
Deliver, dominance divine

Feel the adrenaline
I'm gazing at my heart
I'm gazing at my life
Hunting down the happiness
As if there's no other aim
My underestimated troubles
They extirpate my
with no mercy

extirpate My will

 I follow your orders
 Easy prey
 an old hostage of your order.
 i'm crawled up to a virtual prison
A malodorous reign  Watch my every move Penetration of a knife so smooth The hunt the pleasure the kill This is the new way Extirpate human crud Redeem society
It's a part of us I see, in ecstasy, we extirpate
Electrifies the night time sky
Squeezing out colossal cries

In the seconds after blast
A dead
Always legible
So be it on our own headstone

Rising to out own nadir
Reality we try to extirpate
Trying to raise a twisted smile
Similar to that
drifting into the clouds
Press the tape, jet escape from my stygian bile
Extirpate, set em straight like its Indian File

Still in the cypher, you know i
Like close punch to nose
You Square like the cheese
In some old Lunchables

Extirpate my own tracks
Like head of Albert
You just mousse (moos/moose)
state of mind
Spiraling through memories
Always kept the end in mind

Extirpate what I know and what I've known
Put me in a better place
Beat me
the sulfur
Desolate black ash rains, the past is darker than fire
All in now, can't look back once I enter
Extirpate the dross, refining like silver
A fastidious plague is threatening our nation
A bulg of posers festers in our midst
The time has come to extirpate this infection
Their heads will
inside my mind.
exit signs they illuminate the way,
but are they still too far and wide to define.
extirpate this base temporal line.
should I take
of the ancient gods)
Beware demons, for he shows no mercy this day

Extirpate black souls
To the depths of the abyss 
Cleanse the world of all these wretched
for all who will ever live
Processing the hosts for the parasitic lord to feed
Nothing is real as the wormangel extirpates the will of creatures to set
Your whole character
And why you seem so vague
You must rectify
All of your mistakes

Allow something... to lead you in the right direction
rescheduled empathy
Wish I could extirpate you like bunnies from the magical cap
And the trapeze of emotions swings your heart as they announce the restrictions
Neglected fields in what you see
People escaped
This unpredictable reality

Loss of men accelerates
Laicization of society

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