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sympathizing for your eyes and
It's better left buried is this romance
Bro I'm going crazy bromance
All in my head I'm overthinking
Keep on thinking
were happy externally
Internally ripping apart

To your heart

Oh but we did it tho

Whose wounds
Is what they'd say
Oh then it began
Don't deal with
We're lying to ourselves
Instead we play The Blame Game
Not asking for the help
Looking for the answers
Always externally
Forget about The Blame
We're lying to ourselves
Instead we play The Blame Game
Not asking for the help
Looking for the answers
Always externally
Forget about The Blame
It is our job
To heal
Our inner child
The universe will carry us
You can ask for whatever you want
The Divine shared with me
and purpose can you have in life without a God
Is really insidious
There is no intrinsic meaning or purpose to life
There is no externally imposed meaning
Blindside that back
Merry-go-round with the same shit

(Party ambience)
It's Friday night, forcing to try
Internally crying, externally smiling
I don't have to carry these burdens all on my own 
Only internally must I
Because then
Internally if I heal then externally I will help others
of the sun

Uh huh

They say God don't like ugly I'm internal precious
Externally a dark skin nigga with no connection
Where's the sun

and greed, economic believe
You're values mean nothing to me	
You're externally controlled
Stuck in a dead end road 
Change is hard and requires action but
Feels the same with different realities
Go on blame it externally
Make me say it's worth more to me

More to me
It's worth more to me
In your head
Death has given a cursed touch,
A cold casket you externally clutch

Claustrophobic Agnostic [Repeat: x 4]

Externally, trying
externally but that's the story of Greece
Inside America bleeds, Israel won't you get up from your knees
Its just lies in disguise Torah's truth won't you
the universal elements agree existence thrives eternally
True destiny just come to be can't be controlled externally
Just allow

It's not a state of inactivity
Your aspirations, unable to stretch
Beyond the barriers of what's expected
As the free thought you were born with
Becomes externally polluted
the evil so I look externally to a place I can see you and still
Catch me on the zenith, devastation several nations
Singing that my nation is the king, it's
an ignorant ruffneck, but then to get loved
is in my heart even though externally I rarely show it
I'm not the guy you want to go wit'
If there's beef, I'm
the so-called harmony? 

Internally untrusting 
Externally inspiring 
Assume your place above the rest 
The wisest of the less 

The knowledge you'll never
Drowning sorrows in solitude
My body is externally perfumed
But inside it suffers
Suffer for hating, will to kill

I want to get rid of this horror
Exploding inside Ben
Emotions are crazy, but only in my head
Externally vibrant
It's perfect (mmmm) except for a slight hitch
I should probably be
Energies weighing you heavy see
Controlling emotions like levi's be
Internally empty externally
Projecting true insecurities
Inhibiting growth immaturities
out through
Currently with family in the stu
Vibrationally the attracted crew
Externally projected cause I grew
Appreciate the now cause it's always new
Inferior, I am
So says you
Learned pupil
Tutored, I am

Getting better
No offense meant or taken
Externally inside
The mockery is known

A step
We don't need to know
So long as we're in flow
We can grow
Wherever we choose to go

If we wish to see
Reality, externally
Reflect the values
We must

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