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by you so close
Caution is not my approach
My heart I expose, ooh
More than you know
Wasting my time
Everybody says I'm
Wasting my time
I must
Expose oppose imperialist that breeds and kill!!!

Intense lives they are squeezing us and dying slow
In return to this, ratatatatatatat!!!
carved with razor blades to expose this a ransom note to myself.
With my head hung low avoiding the sun.
I bleed. I try. I bleed again.
Let's fuck some kids, they can't say no
Molest them now before they grow
Threaten them with oral sex
Expose yourself to incest

'Cause it's alright
Oh you're so brave to expose all those Popsicle Toes 

You must've been Miss Pennsylvania 
With your bedroom attitude 
How come you always load
Mary's in a fluster
Her knickers in the air
She could never understand
How could she ever dare?
To expose her inclinations 
Her passionate flair
But he's still playing.


I'm the thief
'cause you stole my faith
I'm the thief
I'm your nightmare
He'll expose
a southern bird
That stayed north too long

Winter exposes the nest
Then I'm gone
doesn't reflect
This sort that I need
Oh take the chance
Bring me the calm 

When there is nothing
Expose the dark side
Awakening emotional
Expose the wires. Expose the veins. Show them all what is meant by machine. Tools of the tools of the masters design. When you wake up, you will all
station crews
Give him six children with nothing to eat
Expose them to life on a ghetto street
Tie an old rag around his wife's head
And have her
Ooh just a girl with featherweight curls
To expose all she knows you play like tease
Just a girl with featherweight curls
To expose all she knows you
Or expose your feelings, ah-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh
Cover your head instead

And penetrate this dark heart
And as the wound is healing, ah-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh
You'll never meet again
Eyes small
Take another fine walk
Society can gain
Great face
White soul
feel my own skin
Though I can see it crawling
Can't expose all these sins
But I can see them falling

There's no escape from building tension
hide behind the lies
Cover up another truth
And hope the story dies
What's worth the risk
To expose the lies
To find the truth
Just to survive
Underneath the broken mask
Expose the skin in a flash
The skin reflects a silent trust
In between two who are touched

The perfect are marked for
of the Bac-O-Bits.

And I expose myself to stimuli 
Unfit for people outside the controls of an experiment.
And the share
For you're now in exile
From this place you know as misery

We're not composed enough to stay
And you expose us when you say
We're all smiles
Wastes of life, bottom feeders
Hunt them down, feel them weaken
Burn the liars, burn them fucking down
Expose them to the masses
Then turn them
Every night I bow my head
And say a prayer for daily bread
Tonight I ask a greater cry
Make me wonderful in her eyes

Expose my heart and lay it
got one, like you

Just take a trip far away
Where no one really cares about those things
Expose yourself to the pleasures and pain of this life
Now when you write your expose'
I wish you'd leave me out
I'd just as soon you didn't use my name
I'm not crazy 'bout the way
Your book might
A grim & primal mind
Animal inside
Words reduced to spit
Violent sickening

Bloody flesh left hanging
To expose the bone
Head so full

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