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Necro · The Necro Tonz

earth where all of it's people are downtrodden.
Downtrodden by all those who
stand to prosper from exploitation.
Downtrodden by those whose slime
a belly flopped proposal
Of lets be friends
Tour de force defacto ayuchuco tour de force

Prosthetic prosthetic prosthetic blemish
Necro is the velcro
of money making
Exploitation - manipulation
A gap is nothing, an empty space
In your mind defined by age
Fill the space - Defined by age
Fill the space -
A nation of wolves - ruled by sheep!

Exploitation is contagious
Exploitation is contagious
Exploitation is contagious

Without the heart being changed 
You won't do nothing but re-arrange 
The dearanged situation 
Of human exploitation 
And that is why I
to the indian except for janitor jobs and garbage by the ton. (tough guy eight count) and old kevin is his own conglomerate. exploitation through a movie then
set for sure, no fighting
You'll be deaded beheaded for biting
That's a violation of Necro law
Don't look at me leary, I really take that severely
and strong
Freedom to all the people
Unless I think your wrong!

Rapist mentality!
Teen Suicide!
Necro-bestial anal butt sex!
Ohhhhh! I got
the spirits of enterprise

Winter enclosure

Peaceful exploitations of deadly words
Soil is pulsating
Transmitted by the sweetest smile
Her beam embraces
Erupted thoracic savies - serum, pus and offal
Perspiring ulcerous chancre - splattered on your wall
Necro-cellular lesions - the stench
War and slavery 
The common basis of a Western nation 
Official version 
A falsified story 
The truth lies burried in a shroud
War and slavery, exploitation
The common faces of the western nations
Official version, a falsified story
The truth lies buried in a shroud
Nobody could have conceived in the final decade of the 20th century
That our humble affairs were being manipulated by computer interface.
To put my people back on their feet
Take what's ours robbed by the system
He said by any means

Let Malcolm live through us
Black liberation
and bleed
Animals condemned to death
By the corporate greed
That fuels war and exploitation
And steals the earth from all of us
But now your rotting
To have a global domination
Just a simple plan a simple band
And we stole the ball and ran

When the cards are stacked against me
And my heart
son, that's right
The dotted line
The dotted line
You'll take the world by storm
He rejects them every time
Every time
Their exploitation's met
poor and powerless to break out of their poverty
Are also those who by and large are non-white, non-western, third world
Poverty and powerlessness are
poor and powerless to break out of their poverty
Are also those who by and large are non-white, non-western, third world
Poverty and powerlessness are
Doo doo sluts, uhh
The sex-pert.. check it

I'm pulling off your blouse
Start tongue kissin you and then I cough in your mouth
Walk in your

This is a Captain Carnage and Necrophiliac duet of death! 
It's the Witchcraft Killer!!! 

[Captain Carnage] 

Fillin my fuckin bed with
Genocide on genocide - destroyed knowledge crushed pride
Lost culture to civilization - reduced abused beyond dignity
Contemplation exploitation -
The world for all

There is a psychological flaw in the system
Based on differential advantage and exploitation
By one group over another, imagine
Philadelphia / Seventy-Eight
Shut down M.O.V.E. / By police state
Forty-five police storm Powellton Village
Government sanctioned rape and pillage
and stand beside us
We'll live together or we'll die alone
In our world poisoned by exploitation
Those who have taken now they must give
And end

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