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eating us

So before we're all devoured
Time to rise up and retire
In cathedral spires
Watching as the world expires
From up amongst the clouds
too close to expire

Too close
Too close
Too close to the wire

Your world's on fire
You're so special [Repeat: x4]
Why aren't you dead!
expire light in the window in the sky
There goes my mind

If we dare walk onto my window
I could hear them if I open my eyes

Sometimes flashing
expires from here 
It is good to be alive 

Tasting your heart 
Pumps in your head 
This will come as the truth 
Witness the fall 

thing we ever had expire
Won't you take me through the night
To that far and distant light
Won't you take me back to paradise again

You took me
As you turn on the light
No need to worry, now
There's a time for the cross to expire
Like a fire in the night

Waiting in line
For the coming of the great
to expire
Passive to this day
To infinity we'll fail [sings: "fall"]

The light is dim before us
Shadows appear and fall
A barrage of savage ways
hold on until we expire

I picked you up from the same place where I left you
You had your work clothes on, only the makeup revealed you
We ran
will soon expire

Where are you girl?
I want to love you when I can
Where are you girl?
I want to love you when I can

If he keeps you locked up
we expire
The rime is thin
Submerged in sin
Will they transpire
The lake of fire
Diligent perseverance, earthly unrest
Cautiously many footsteps, could
soon expire
Where are you girl? I want to love you when I can
Where are you girl? Want to love you when I can
If he keeps you locked up, all my wishes
upon the sight of death among us. The scent of life expires. The hope dies within.
I see Chronos
His eyes are on fire
He holds my life
And I see my time expire

Beat the clock, beat the clock
Beat the clock, beat the clock

My head
Thanks for a flame
That will never expire
Can't wait forever
Get on with it please
I'm tired of talkin'
I'll know what they'll say to me
Sometimes it's better to eat their scars

These are the times of the waking liar
Hold him close or you will expire
Holding on to the place you're thinking
to live, it's our only one, 
If it expires we float up to the dust haze. 
I've got a secret for you, I cut your 
Angel in 2, I saw her spinning
the skin skin and bone
Beneath the skin I am alone

Smoldering release, expire
Confined within I walk the wire
On the ledge no return
Saturate melt
Les deux bouts de notre chandelle
On pourrait s'échouer
Inspire, expire, respire
On a plus à gagner qu'à perdre
Au fond du barillet

call Thee so,
Regard my fearful heart's desire;
Remove this load of guilty woe,
Nor let me in my sins expire!

I tremble, lest the wrath divine,
Chop It Down
Then Starts Some Boiling
Potential To Expire
Heating From Inside
[Repeat Chorus]
Senses To Be Rigid
Tempeture Controlled
Limits Thermal
obvious to me

We are flawless proof
We are breaking loose
I am ready to expire in all directions
All this breaking news
Just keeps breaking you
the strangest of ways

So let me live in the wild tonight
I'll never be alone
Watch daylight expire
And hide from the city I'll never know
Wash me in
All empires eventually expire and when they finally do it's never pretty. 
So just sit back and wait for the attacks, especially in the major

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