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Set us free through the cross
You spared no expense 
You spared no expense 

Jesus Lord over all
You give hope to the lost 
You spared no expense 
That's another big expense I don't really care
Long as I'm happy bout it throw hand in the air
Fuck what they saying bout it
They ain't even there
At some expense, you've let it go
On no credit card bill, it should show
No mother's rings you must explain it all to
All these streets, yaar, you
a fight
To keep you around
While you're weighing me down
Will I even last
Till you next come around
You were a mindless expense
You were a mindless expense
so insane
It's at our expense
And the media distorts the truth

And the media distorts the truth
We never had a choice
We never had a voice 
Would we break down and cry
Are we terrified
By what we're afraid to find

All expenses paid
All allowance saved
All expenses paid
All allowance
dikwa excess
Biko nyemia forget about the expense (Baby yo)
Ihe na agum dikwa excess
Nwa kanyi kuo so one night
Ihe ibukwa dikwa excess
Biko nyemia forget
I've got a lot on my wishlist I've got a lot of expenses I've gotta make me a billie Cuz nigga I'm all bout my business I had to start from
(Aye Canyon play that shit back)
Yeah deeply tormented through my expenses
Mixed visions with certain women
I witnessed a little drought, but
I ain't worried bout expenses
Everybody getting Bentleys in my friends list
When I'm acting like a billionaire (Lotta money ho)
Like a motherfucking
Making up the rules just as you go
Changing your mind and confusing mine
Like you're putting on some kind of show
At my expense, it doesn't make any
After dark they drink the night away 
Point and laugh at my expense 
Icy glass without a coaster 
Careful now, your meal is getting colder 

'cuz you're louder more outward
Don't mean that it's my fault
You're doing what you do at the expense of my heart
And I can't Remember
The last time 'I
How could I ask for more?
A lifetime of laughter
At the expense of the death of a bachelor

I'm cutting my mind off
Feels like my heart is going
lost soul

The remainder is an unjustifiable
Egotistical power struggle
At the expense of the American dream
Of the American dream, of the American
you breed
This violence

I guess it doesn't really have to make much sense
As long as you are having fun at my expense (for all)
I guess I
She say that she love me just for me
Know I wear my heart up on my sleeve
Love over money no expense
That’s the type of shit that I am with
She say
grow at its expense?
Whereto the glory?
Does it burn? Burn all the words you can't spell
Whereto the glory?
Does it burn? Life doesn't grow at its
We got more drinks but I know that we're outta lime 

Runnin through the time like we ain't got expenses 
Why you lookin so fine why you lookin
at my expense

Through all of this I left 
A thousand words unsaid

Through all of this I left
A thousand words unsaid

Pull the string a little tighter
At the expense of us 
Don't even have to ask

No one else will tear us apart
It'll be you 
Words I've looped a million times 
Just don't get through 
a shine to the rusty gears
Acting like an improv engineer
In this work of art
I don't even know

I'll make my dreams come true
At the expense of you
to the bank
But your face value turned out counterfeit
Burnt holes in my pockets, I'm down and out,
Were you worth it anyhow?
Let the fun commence
At my expense
That's all we know

Breaking out at midnight's call
All summer long
Getting drunk at my parent's expenses
Little did they know it was all
All about

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