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my fault
When it's really your fault
This love is ephemeral
This love is ephemeral
Cannot be expandable
This love is ephemeral
This love is ephemeral
expandable,  untouchable, invisible 

Son I care, its says I?ll work for anything 
Was a time when I could make that hammers bring 
I was young and I was strong
to another planet
Don't doubt the goddess don't ever doubt her talent

So versatile 
So versatile
So flexible
So expandable
Self explanatory
Watch her videos
all animals
Watch how you talk you expandable
Still on the block with my Danimals
I got the juice
They tryn sip this energy
Bitch you was never a friend
from those I despise 
Expandable, taker of life 
Caress the blade, I lay waste 
Is that I'm in-expandable
You'll never find another like me
'cause all the others just fall in line
I come first and they're behind
This is where
to catch the feeble child weeble wobble style evil subject
Too deadly ready to wreck, anyone in my way
I am what is know as the expandable specimen
ain't this expandable, I'm dependable
You are an Expendable, just not credible
Tough chizz, I been a vegetable
Can't make moves in the game
If I do I'll
I mean ndiyi outie epholileyo yaqonda
I'm so incredible
Now she want the dee
Is she a koala
She finna ride it like a animal

Akhonto ibitheni
But be expandable, coz you can write and I will Freestyle but still body bag you
Mama hate that I'm a smoker, I hope that hate is over
Don't you worry
incredible oh
How it curves in your mouth cuz you know how it's kinda bendable?
When you think it's fully grown 
But it reaches further
me free my mind
Can you help me try to find 
All my love and all my fear

You are incredible
Your love so expandable
Your love such
no pretending
Expandable yeah we are each and every moment one gets hurt
I confess with no shame this crazy world doesn't deserve us
Cause girls live
Like Steven seagal
Am no bone breaker
I break the status quo
Make it fucking expandable
Rain drops
I can see the tear drops
Cause it rains and it pours
Bigger my talent i feed the truth
Hits for the summer i blaze the booth
Diamonds that glisten i need a few
Man of more action expandable 
Need a bigger
If you can associate
Only with the good ones
And forget about the rest
Make your wishes audible
Awareness expandable
This may appear obvious, never
all I could but I never could keep you
You gifted in lying that is not debate able
There is no denyingt I been so dependable
I guess I'm expandable
Pull up get to blamming you
Break down and dismantle you
A Lil bitch you expandable
Got bitches by the handful
4Rm da rose gotta keep 102k
proof ikona high and lows
Cheki my nigga nafloat up and away I go
Napita nakam na bros kwa game expandables
Run the clock nigga narun the block nigga
this is Kapital
Micro Roni, its expandable 

4400 Boys started the Fash
Cant stop, wont stop 
Addicted to fast cash

5 grams in the wood 
I just roll up
I'm venomous, this verse'll be the antidote
I'm spaced out in Canada but still expandable
Not keeping this planetary straight sanitary scares me
And I'm
Was feeling so incredible
Near one of us expandable
Was thinking international 
But we all was quarantine
Can't believe this isn't a dream
going crazy but I'm still not blind
Unmanageable, intangible
The universe is expandable 
Is that understandable 
Can you believe this community of lunacy
shit flammable
It's about my valuables
Garden on botanical
Are you expendable
Or expandable
They niggas theatrical
So irrational
But the passionful

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