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Former Execs:
Dong work for Yuda,
Dong, Dong

Father Riley B. Jones:
He talks a lot 'n it's usually wrong

Former Execs:
Dong work for Yuda,
Tony Stark makes you feel
He's a cool exec with a heart o'steel
As Iron Man, all jets ablaze
He's fightin' and smitin' with repulsor rays!
the young exec, he hits the deck
And oh, he's dressed to kill
Before he goes, oh yes, he knows
He's gotta have a wake-up pill
From nine to five he feels
Your whole chest and your world caved in
They completely gave in, they just sparks and brave men

Did ya say that?
Record execs wanna push the album
Spent my best pay days hittin' off exec's
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up

Analysis of the situations
Bringing forth alarming revelations
It's my arms that wrap you up nice
It's my arms, it's my arms, baby
Small rooms with record exec types
Whisper away my future lately

the managers, lawyers, and the record execs
Pullin' me in and out but it sure ain't like sex
And my mama's always naggin' about
The MTV Son why ain't you number
the big dough to stick Santana
Plus these labels exec's come in a calm manner
N.S.Beezy, I stay easy
Fuck what ya'll niggas is talkin', I'm off the heezy
makes you feel
He's a cool exec with a heart o'steel
As Iron Man, all jets ablaze
He's fightin' and smitin' with repulsor rays!
Amazin' armor! (That's
I am Posdnous 
I be the new generation of slaves 
Here to make papes to buy a record exec rakes 
The pile of revenue I create 

But I guess I
industry exec's who flex for profit!
Traditional societies and islanders
Please retain your culture and don't give up!
Don't you understand we must
Fangs hangin' out his mouth, his fronts was golden
Wildin', record execs can't control him
He said ish like me and Mariah
Hit me, woah-woah-woah, that's
wouldn't get right
Cause I was aware as a square in Delaware
Execs writing checks for sex in spandex
Radios gettin' sucked by labels under the table
here, man

Move forward and we shine year round
New money, new bills, same shit, new design
So all you label execs
Cut the check, you now tuned in
remains makin' demos
Though wished behind the windows of a limo
Sippin' champagne, producers kicked game, expected
Label exec's smirked at hard work, tapes
em what you expect
First album flopped, my label dropped
Man, I took off like a jet
Niggas hate on me often cause I'm a boss and exec
Do anything
to the song like a record exec
Bobbed your head up and down and got a crick in your neck!

[Chorus: x4]
Couldn`t be themselves so they sold themselves
To a company exec who doesn`t have respect
For real rap music so he wants to get an MC
Ain't none of this shit like Orange Mound
Players unified, digging on my mellow sound
Get big ole fat checks
For makin' deals
that I got next to execs
That never heard of Mississippi lyricists
Not even visionaries envision this

This for all my country folk
Slamming them
a million
A&Rs and exec's were telling me I'm not appealing
Try to turn me into Nas, I'm not him but I forgive you
This is a Boy Marley
Bob Dillon
        From execs with checks, boys from the dorms
        Never kept a name, never seen a face
        She could pass 'em in the street like it
her take her clothes off 
Nasty girl, stone cold freak 
Stayin' in bed a whole goddamn week 
Comin' and leavin' guys servin' up storms 
From execs
Record execs, at times it do be hard
But to choose words, and be heard across waters
Doing something you like to support daughters
Keeping your guys who

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