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But looks kinda beautiful, kinda beautiful
And the clouds come by (don't cry)
I find them excusable, excusable
I’m going down, oh
I’m leaving town
too late
To revive the moment
Make her eyes activate
Green like emerald
So beautiful 
So penetrant
So unsual
Full of sentiment
So excusable
So elegant
Let's go back to Bayside
Throw worry to wayside
Share stories of our lives
When we were so excusable

We hope for change but everything just stays
the excusable delays
That you have written

Isolate, isolate from womb
I can't be, I can't be the same
Isolate, isolate from tomb
I can change, I can change
You always been unusual 
The way you move around girl you so damn doable 
Yeah what you got aint excusable
You the goat 
Made me
when what we've done is still excusable
You let the truth unfold

But still, cheers to being honest, uh
Neither of us knew what we wanted, uh
Besoin d'm'éteindre deux trois fois
Et déçue les trois-quarts du temps
J'les ves-qui tous
Humain brisé n'est pas excusable
J'respire, j'respire,
And the ornamental seaweed
Yes, that was all fine and good
You could call it "an excusable American afternoon"
But the day didn't start until we
sappy shit excusable
And I never thought I'd want to live more than just one life
But I think now I get why
Some people want more time

Do you feel my
pause, where in your mind you thought this was excusable
If the roles were reversed then know what this'll do to you
These are all my broken confessions
on the daily thats the usual
Packed up suitable niggas be delusional
Talking out they face real crazy not excusable
Was never one to take it there but now
The view is amazing
Make me tsunami
Every time her booty be shaking
I'm stupid, I'm playing
But I love when she making
Excusable statements
She knew I was

Would you even be here if i wasn't so damn usable 
All I have is faith, but that's the most disputable 

Cross my heart, I don't wanna die 
I feel
might think that this behaviour is excusable
You might think your personality's reusable
You should never say never
Never say never, say never

Conditional love
Excusable behavior
You bad believer 
You turn me into boredom
A quiet lobby
You're why I work from home.
we all doomed to repeat
Is everything now excusable
At least when we're behind the keys
Just because it's the usual
Doesn't mean that's how we have
"excusable" il y a "excuse" pas besoin de t'en excuser

Irraisonnable, je suis irraisonnable
Je suis inguérissable, quand il s'agit d'amour
Infatigable, je suis
Conditional love
Excusable behavior
You bad believer 
You turn me into boredom
A quiet lobby
You're why I work from home
That make it excusable to sin
You'll get it

going with the flow
Cattle thoughtlessly led to the slaughter
This is what you say
Of the man who died

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