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A sinking feeling 
Goes through my chest
Embarrassed to be here 
Embarrassed to be you 


Shaking hands in the dark
to wind up on Sundays

Well, you can excommunicate me on my way to Sunday school
And have all the bishops harmonize these lines

How do you dare tell
to wind up on Sundays

Well, you can excommunicate me on my way to Sunday school
And have all the bishops harmonize these lines

How do you dare tell
to the gallows.

Text book psycho, analyze my shame.
He took the innocence away.
And I vowed to watch you die.
Take him to the gallows.

the scissors...Cut the strings
Honor the puppet master  
Dishonor early spring
Refuse to enter the devils gate
Excommunicate from the church of hate

America held
the fray
The fires are dancing to the song of a thousand screams
Let the fallen angel devour me
My spirit is finally free
Restraints are torn
same old defeat 

Releasing hands 
Unclasp and excommunicate 
Make tracks as we speed away 
Dim lights on long interstates 
Fade out as the credits play
this is not my day
Barely speak to old hoes, I don't ex-communicate
I got flaws
Embracing them all now
Hope I don't fall
Not chasing God now
Or trying
There'll be a failure to excommunicate

The world just keeps you at an arm's length
Every week you work up the strength
To fight the flames that are hurled
The Kingdom of God is not exclusive
It's open arms and open doors
It says come in
It doesn't excommunicate
It doesn't separate
It doesn't break it
Don't you don't you ever underestimate me
Even though I'm different
They can't excommunicate me
I think niggas trippin
What have they been sniffing
the fuck out
Or we'll ex-communicate you
Bike Riding
Twelve Noon
Oh your thirsty?
Fuck you
We'll make a believer out of you
We'll make a believer out
And do our dreams live on?
Or do they excommunicate?
abandon to meek
I wont be a part of the world that you seek

I won't be chained and bound
You fear that which you cannot see
Excommunicate me and find

These pretend stories that you tell
To hide behind
Come apart at the seams at your
Claims of virtue

You tried but you have
Percolate that merchandise Percocet circulate
Miley gone twerk today
Now she's trying to ex-communicate
Like she wasn't just in this bitch working with
If God is gonna hate it
I won’t complicate it
End the conversation
Excommunicate myself from the whole situation
If He’s what you say He is
Then he
Drawn into madness, fanatics unite
Renounce and abandon, infernal rites
Unholy goat, the poison bait
Upon the crowned head, excommunicate 
Rock & roll.

We communicate sonically
Excommunicate phenomenally
Saturate so gracefully
Another rock & roll star

So don't you gimme no more
I realized the pattern
Cautiously I pleaded for no more
Desperate I attempted to maintain worth
But you excommunicate me from your world
There is no
He brings all the punishments
Whips, tortures, excommunicates
And when it’s done the guilt remains
God is a bad dom
Tell all of your darkest sins
live in a society
Where y’all can gang up on me
And you still look like the heroes
Harass and excommunicate me
Cancel me... despite that
Imma make it
was the master until I got caught,
then all my skate sins I had to confess.
The bishop tried to excommunicate me,
but I´ll keep screaming:
to live from day to day

Excommunicate these evil vices

Sweep them all away

Why can't you see?

I'm looking for

Something I can feel


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