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The Evolved  


We've evolved from small to tall
And shall not stall, been flying too long
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa girl

I be sippin' on haterade
That deep-down
I'm feelin' happy
So highly evolved
My time's a riddle that'll never be solved
Dreamin' for somethin'
Reachin' for somethin'
Just waitin' for
to hold me back
Told me what I couldn't do but I knew better than that
So I evolved into a Jack of all trades
That's how I succeed these days
The mainstream

Oh, let it snow
Oh, let it snow
How forgiving, how evolved
Am I with you when you hold me

Oh, let it snow
Oh, let it snow
Oh, let it snow
Oh, let it snow
How forgiving, how evolved
Am I with you when you hold me

Let me stay just some more
Cover me up head to toe
Lay me
out of it
I'm just stumbling

And I'm juggling all the thoughts in my head
I'm juggling and my fears on fire
But I'm listening as it evolved in my head
While you run around 
Pointing out who is right
And who is wrong

Don't you tell us 
Don't you tell us you're so evolved
When you run around
Instinct is trapped
Impulse evolved
Basics of life
Death now revolves

Innocence beyond the realms
Of a reasonable doubt
My justice defiled
proportion, measurement,light,
Angle,mathematics all appeared overnight!

Darwin's evolved chimpanzee - lies
Designed and built the pyramids honestly - lies
shake it all away-hay
When it's shoveled in your fa-hare
As plain as it can be-hee
Can't explain it all away-hay
'Less your brain's evolved in way-hays

Rolling hard
I guess I'm in too deep 
All this drinking can't be good for me
But it's my chance
For me to get it in
I'm now evolved
It's coming
the truth
Where we all trying to search too? Ended me up in a church
What hurts more 
What hurts more
Walked in and I still wasn't sure 

We've evolved

You and I
In time our minds evolved
And everywhere we said we'd hear new ideas
I recall
That time in Central Park we heard the sound
And I'll try to paint

Where a frog flipper first evolved on the day 
When a daring mudskipper dragged itself away
to lesser men

Well, I know my time is gone
Life around me has evolved
Into the ground, into the waste
So I'll take all I can take
Pulling you all down
No second chance

From junk we have emerged
Slaves willing to serve
Our own damning demands from our own damning hands
De-evolved man
From predefined paradigms of morality
Roots entangling deep from history
In which we have yet to redeem
Granted we are to be most evolved
can almost taste your soul
kiwi and purple

natural selection, evolved perfection
headspin obsession

vertigo vertigo
can you hold me up (now)
How much have we really evolved
Through thousands of years 
Supposedly changed 
What is different now
A new tv and a car
What is different now 
Through time, the plague has evolved
Into different forms
Here, the newest of all
You, the skull drawing rose
You, the woman I loved
You, the skull
Governed by the moon
She's a bold headmistress
I am lycanthropic
Too evolved to miss this
Opportunity to taste
The pausing lamb
By the grace
You fell away, what more can I say? 
The feelings evolved, I won't let it out
I can't replace your screaming face
Feeling the sickness inside
with a classic hate 
I evolved by mistake 
(I still need you)
I will justify my weakened strength with a classic hate
I evolved with pain
(I still
"Kill at will," solid water? Ice cube
Ha ha, that's how hip-hop has evolved
Jay-Z's for President, I'm namin' ras the national God

Me and jigga,

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