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heard you say
Over and over from an open grave
Eviscerated by your misery
I watched you rot inside an open grave

You're blade between my ribs
mutilation brutally eviscerated
Dead beyond dead

Red before black
Made to suffer through the torture
Red then black into the unknown
With no coming back
the saw

Eviscerated carnal delicatessen
Had been lying around for days
My cannibalistic malpractice enthralls
Gangrenous process in excess
Innate seed
To watch you bleed
A demanding physical need
Desecrated eviscerated
Times prostrated
To watch you bleed
A demanding physical need
Desecrated, eviscerated
Times prostrated [sings perpetuated]

The butcher you'll be eviscerated 

Both man and Beast there's no place you can hide dead 
By Sunrise will you be the creatures feast tonight

You know you're
Forget all the things that are holding you back

Enervated, eviscerated, I am so far from land
I would reach out if I could reach out, but I can't
Turn the wheel to churn
Lies death
Longing for the night
Longing for the night

Pushed and naked
Lost Eviscerated
The blackest swath of blindness
his brother for his blood 
Then you take his heart and his kidneys and bury the man all eviscerated in the mud
I know that you struggled with that
rats by the piper we're led, to join in this song for the dead

Truncated toccatas deranged, raked across barbed strings and hacked
Eviscerated etudes
splintered bones, boiling blood
Torn and bleeding skin
Blackened burning flesh melting fat
Amputated limbs
Eviscerated, lungs torn out
Heart ripped from
cracked lips are now eviscerated,
Your spine is made of metal, Your veins are bound in electric tape,
And all along an impulse lights at random in your
Time to heal this mess
I won't return to you
I have found myself anew
I won't return to you

Our face the arrogance
Eviscerated the love I
Out Eyes
Head Is Crushed
Brains Are Mushed

Castrated, Eviscerated
Limbs Are Chopped
Hung To Rot
Details are the worst; they are just your soul eviscerated
A vice that's holding fast
I'm defenseless and blissful
My mind is at rest
Everything is so
to hell
Now I bleed softly in this space out there far out there

Leaving me thin and wasted, dried up and eviscerated
Strung out, fully sedated, my
My hallucinating killing need
Your journey into pain
Laugh at your attempt to kill me
I cannot be unmade

Eviscerated bitch

How little I
Night of terror
Brutal Murder
Psycho killers
Endless Slaughter
Throats will be slit
Cut, chopped and hacked
Stabbed in the back
Killed by arrows
Eviscerated, swift beheading,
Blood is spraying
of private splendor
So may they be eviscerated
We that are bonded shall be saved
Those of the light be shunned
Atop desolate plateaus of imagination
Cadavers for weird dissections

Assassinated, horrible deaths
Eviscerated, ablated entrails
Torn to pieces, shredded limbs
Exterminated, no one cares

Eviscerated bodies
Crippled and killed
Blood splattered steel
A testament to will

A smoldering of faith
Bittersweet tasted of siege
eviscerated, transformed cunt - Humans boosted with hormones - Hair removed by laser - His cock has been unable to have intercourse because of the phallus he has
A dark obsession with her frail form, laid upon this table
Eviscerated with surgical precision, lacerated far beyond infinity

A thousand hearts

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