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Manhattan, then we take Berlin

I'm guided by a signal in the heavens (guided, guided)
I'm guided by this birthmark on my skin (guided, guided by)
I'm guided
Sweet little girl, she's the high school queen
She lives tonight, in every school boys' dream
Oh, but nobody knows how she's cryin'
She's just
dream died with her last request.
She didn't expect bombs over Broadway.
So long Manhattan Island.
Our pride in you had no end.
New York, New York.
Dream a new

You won't always dream by yourself
No you wont dream by yourself
No no you won't dream by yourself
Everybody's gonna sing a long
demo and everybody was dishin, you know what I'm sayin?

Yo P tell em whassup man

We was coolin in my car one day you see
Clockin a double nickel
their eyes and try to sleep
But in their dreams they will see you

Bills don't stop coming in
So you just stop paying them
The cost has now 
might linger in the sweet by and by, oh

Dear little buttercup, with your eyes so blue
Oh little buttercup, you' re a dream come true
You and I will
The dreams and hopes of men 
Are powered by addiction
And who am I to say that 
This is an affliction
When everybody gets
Suckered in and lives
Trouble is the answer will be ha, ha, ha, ha
That Amy rather stay in love with me

Ever and ever, fascinated by her

Oh, I just love this song so much
the same
For peace on earth-

It can happen if we try
We all share this dream
Underneath the same sky
Now that I'm a mother
Christmas has another kind of joy
Ithaca was just a dream
before i met you ithaca
my home's been lost to strangers
a path left by invaders
lead the way i'm gladly sure to stay
So watch 'em do the Macarena, somewhere out by Pasadena
Love a drug that everybody here just tryna get a taste of
You a waste of the space that you
tomorrow ever come

No regrets, no reason why
Release me, I'm dying

We stood side by side
Everybody's asking why
We had a dream, it ended in screams
Yeah  cool Keith should keep it real 
He should rap about space and Mars... 
Yo  I'm tired of looking at everybody. Same boots, skully hats in
At home where I wanna be
Wrapping presents by the Christmas Tree
With my babay, It's just my baby and me!
Got the Little ones tucked in bed
"Yeah  cool Keith should keep it real 
He should rap about space and Mars"

[Kool Keith] 
Yo  I'm tired of looking at everybody. Same boots
Everybody has a dream that they hold on to 
But what can they do to make it come true?
Everybody has a whole lot of life to live 
But you've got
He got his fat dreams, he got his slaves
He got his profits, he owns our cage,
He has his prisons,  he has his gates
He has his judges, they have
goes by"

And if we dare to dream of paradise unseen
It might come true and if you stand by me
I swear with all my heart, I'll stand by you

Yes, I
out my window at the rivers of black
I wanna get out on the at highway and never come back
I set and wonder, has it all passed me by
Islands in the sky
what time is it?

Time to just walk and shake my head
I'm cool till I'm dead
Enough has been said, come on baby
Let's go to bed

Everybody, walk, shake
You're the life of the party, everybody's host
Still you need somewhere you can hide
All your good time friends
And your farewell to has-beens
Hey yo black it's time

(yeah, yeah, hey yo black it's time)

If you knew my streets
You would know all everybody talk about is who got beef
right under your nose?

And if it´s never gonna be
Don´t try to hold on
See everybody has a dream
That doesn't seem to go right
You´re not the only
a foreign land
But will tomorrow ever come

No regrets, no reason why
Release me, I'm dying
We stood side by side, everybody's asking why

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