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ass is trippin' because the nina gave that ass a whippin'
The back-street way yard six feet digger
Loced out with the nine makin' that ass shiver
with StreetLife, ain't never been a Backstreet Boy
Who y'all kiddin'?  Tryin' to act like my shoe fittin'
Confused with ya head up yo' ass like who's
can't reprimand me
I'm in a B-Boy stance, I'm not dancing
I got your girl on the back going tandem
'Cause I'm too damn quick, I'm too damn slick
And if the shit was a game, we'd skunk you niggas
Playin' make me [Incomprehensible], punk you niggas
Backstreet boy let your record label pump you
And then they signed the Backstreet Boys and Britney
It's a pop label, what the fuck they want with me?
Forget R. Kelly, I'ma do that rippin' out