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it's a video dream
Watch the preacher man work the T.V. screen
He'll take your money, love and promise everything
Ain't no shortcut to salvation
KRS is unique, you can hear how I speak
I be teaching the streets, I'm fin' to reach for the peak
I rock a club every week, I keep them thugs
mi know 
Jah children surround row by row 
And dem a listen to mi tune pon radio 
And dem tell me say dem love damage video 
Every rhythm whey mi
Let's put the crown where it's at
10 years
Never been done this real by nobody

To my seed, May I lead you into no greed or evil
In the categories
Sixteen bars of knowledge designed on every track
Hold me down, never happen
Get my crown, keep on rappin
Even at 75, I'll still be able to work my magic
Raised, in the home, of the brave, and begun
Paving, the way, was embraced, by the slum
Labeled as strange, but his name, will become
Even some rappers, frontin' in their videos
Nothing but Oreos, tryin' to be memorial
I'm not impressed, by the way some stars
perpetrate to be
talkin' 'bout cheddar

Brought to you by your millennium group, The Horsemen
Four swordsmen, from the land of the lost
Ras Kass, Killah Priest and Kurupt
We must not be intimidated by the authority that they appear to have.
We must be prepared to oppose them on every level,
To fight back in