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West Endicott lies over the hill
And that's what it's all about
My friend introduced me to a girl from Newark Valley
And that's why I'm goin' out
To a love that’s true blue
I dedicate myself to you

And what I share with you
Ever sacred, everlasting
The greatest love for me
I love you
And it’s
standing by the live oak tree, in our yard on Canyon Lake
And I'm driving under miles and miles of clear blue Texas skies
Some strangers in a pick-up truck,
hay in June
Sitting by the road watching well-fires burn
By an old October moon

I learned to drive on those East Texas red clay backroads
And I
life, have damned 

You are a good friend 
Friendly as good friends can be 
Your father wants you to live on his knee 
This is the start of the end,
From the 12 inch single "Nineteen" by Phil Lynott with bonus Thin Lizzy track
Also appeared on the live Thin Lizzy album BBC Radio One Live In
And my friend Brian Temple
He thought he could make it
So from the third story he jumped
And he missed the swimming pool only by inches
And everyone
whoever is up there
Please don't let me die

And I can't live forever
I can't always be
One day I'll be sand on the beach by the sea
The pages keep turning
I am a blueblood I will admit that. I dance in blue shoes and wear a blue hat. Live in a blue house on a blue street, in a blue town by a blue creek.
or friends, no judge of wrong or right
Just eternal silence and dormancy
And a final everlasting peace
Looking out the window at the clouds flying by
I wonder if You moved them with a thought or with a breath
And as they pass, I see the beauty
Through thick and thick to thin
I'll love you till the end
You know it's true my friend
You're alright with me

Always and everlasting
This love is
You keep me coming home again
You keep me coming home again

When you were gone, I met a friend
She taught me how to live in the end

You keep
the Mary Ellen Carter rise again

All spring, now, we've been with her on a barge lent by a friend
Three dives a day in hard hat suit and twice I've had
knew your every secret 
Just by looking in your eyes 
From the very moment I met you 
I was thinking of the rest of our lives 
(Just say to me)

When I was a boy about the age of ten
Got some old records by the blues men
Found a big connection to my lonely life
I couldn't wait to learn some
grey Mexican suit
The blue eyed traffic can sashay by
'Cause tonight the sailor boys have hit Shanghai
The kick-out traffic goes creaking by
I smash
by the ordinary details 
Of the lives of the strangers that I've encountered on my search 

I'm in a Mexican restaurant with a friend of a friend
(Friend, lover, sister, mother/wife)
My, my, my, my air, my food, my water, love of my life (I love you)
(Everlasting life)

Teacher (teacher),
the hall
There’s a crib by the wall
Their dreams are about to come true
And two blankets brand new
One pink and one blue
His and hers

They’ve got two
run rough
There comes a point when a man has had enough
Like a friend who always stands by me
Memphis knows me
Memphis shows me
How did life just
Showered and blue-blazered, fill yourself with quarters

You get mistaken for strangers by your own friends
When you pass them at night
my everlove
Oh, my everlove
Everlasting through all changes in our lives

You're my everlove
You're my everlove
Ever growing everyday and every
live abroad
But I'd rather have a little log cabin
Other side of the road

I'd rather live by the side of the road
Try to point souls
To the best
There's an old friend in me, tellin' me I gotta be free.
And so I've gonna give it up, goodbye Baby Blue.
Sometimes in the morning the tears in your eyes.