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I feel the heat begin to rise
As I read deep between your lines
One look and you and I 

Evaporate, Evaporate, Evaporate
Evaporate, Evaporate
done ran off climbing them fences
With my bro's in the rain 
I can still feel our pain
I'm-a let it evaporate
Nothing's making me
of the break 
Evaporate, evaporate, evaporate

I don't know how the words you say 
Hold a thousands times more weight
Than any word I've heard before.
to deflect your shame
Convince me that you are alright again

Sunshine, come down
Help evaporate the rain
Condensation is gonna make it fall again
Come fix my
forget your name
Let me forget your, let me forget your name
Oh yeah
When will you evaporate?
When will you evaporate?
The ocean's rising

Woke up,
just a blinking light
I'm a beep, I'm a vapor
And I'm about to evaporate

I'm a beep, I'm a vapor
I'm just a blinking light
I'm a beep, I'm a vapor
Cause feelings didn't linger 
Felt you falling through my fingers 
All the love we cultivated 
Gradually evaporated 

Evaporate, -vaporated
And all my fears evaporate
And there are flowers in my hands
And all the colors are gray
And all my fears evaporate
Put some acid on my brain

Nicotine sweats
Filled with regret
Can't let myself get in my head
Easy come, ya easy go
How do i, how do i
More than one dose
Learn to let
I'll paint a picture of your face
Before the look evaporates
With every colour left on you
You'll make in ink out of the
Feeling in our skin when it
Evaporate just like water, my baby 
Busy focused on my grind my shine
So a nigga do not have much time to waste 

And you know I really got that
'Cause sorry won't sweeten my tea
Sorry won't sweeten my tea

If I stop
Speaking when spoken to
Might just evaporate
Into the ether
And still you
there's time to work, and time to play
If I evaporate and weather in my mind
Will you come back again and save me from the fires of hell
Now I'm in
of everything
But when the cradle turns to an open grave

Blood runs thicker than water
But the water runs dry
Evaporate on the inside
A collection of photos
Next day, making headway
People of the red clay
Come on, run that
Sunlight on the comeback
Hidden truth gonna come into view
Lies evaporate like
feel air surrounds me
Flicker, but fixed, full of pain
It wants to fly like as the heart longs for it own love
But evaporates like touched butterfly
want to

A vacuum for my screams sometimes
I just close my eyes and I can do anything
Evaporate my tears before they fall
And when I pass I'll smile
I’ve been tryna hide my face tryna hide the feelings
Try to evaporate but don’t get through the ceiling
You hear me now but you don’t get to feel me
can take that away

Love like light evaporates
And fades away
Will love's light rise another day?
Love like light evaporates
Will love's light rise
How quiet it would be
Follow the dots and make the knots untied
the way it should be
You are the stream that wont evaporate
Oh, sleep tight, love
Evaporate with me
Waste away ill waste away
Waste away ill waste away
Waste away evaporate with me
Waste away feel me disintegrate
Waste away im
Hollow point tip and evaporate I gave her dick and a dinner date
These niggas must be Gemini peep how they moving they two face
I see it clear like
I like the way you work it (Work it)
Don't like my people perfect you know (You know, you know)
Evaporate the surface
And let what's inside flow out
this way
Hurt will ricochet off time, evaporate in the warm sunshine

Make sure they all understand nobody's fault but mine
My love will be ever present

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