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the presence of angel why cry?

Smiles and cries on my way to heaven

You are the gold seed 4th downs the line
Your picture is kept close by my side
Ask me
There's a man
Who stands in the cold wind tonight
And greets everyone passing by
With a smile and a ringing bell
And a song
That he's playing
It's his
Worth the sacrifice?
Heroes are dying now
Hearing their mothers cry
Heaven is a metaphor
Free your mind and spirit

E: Mother Earth, do you part
want love
Let's do it just even for a night.
And when you kiss me I can feel the heaven on earth
And when you touch me I can dream.
Do I deserve such a love that can now move heaven and earth 
For my lovin' I could never surround my life without the things 
That you provide
Come on...

Frenzied demons - Angel's cries
Lucifer commands the orgy
Molten mayhem, one thousand lies
Heaven fails to hold tranquility
Of the factory-floor
And when they smile
And they ask for my support,
I'll give them these words
And a bloody nose:
You don't help your enemy
and see the clear blue sky
It's a nice day to be alive


It's the final journey from earth to heaven
And hell and death and the creep
[Hook - 2x]
Guerilla till I die, mama don't cry
When they come for me, when I blast
We gon see how many of em run from me
Guerilla till I die, but I