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Rotting skinny corpses left alone
They're like an endless disease
Invisible, painful, eternal
Creatures fucked by a greedy past
Since you are
one by one

Killing and killing at will
Methodic destruction must thrive
Values of horror instilled
Deep in a most sinister mind

and closer to home with each blow
Value your life

You conserve light by staring with your eyes closed
Sitting there with that failed look upon your lips
Faith mongers of righteous rule conceal this deceptive law
Distorted values of virtue masked by these holy words
This great persecution will
Reaching for another sedative, I want to find eternal sleep
We’ve grown so far apart, I’m in quiet hell 
As your back rests next to mine 
Hoping for advancement, an invention, a cure
Because of your disease your intentions are unpure
Corrupted by moral values
Spoiled by common wealth
In your
others with these dangerous weapons
Strength and value of all things created
Must be measured by character and commitment
Rather than by might and by
Now the buildings go Back to where they came from by natural overthrow Trees and stone are eternal Empires come and go Now we have a better view
tales of the canyon's might
But wish him peace and eternal wisdom
For he has died and he died by light
makes me value the
Safety of my distance
Can it be stubbornness to
Which I cling?

If I can I'll pretend I'm
Alright all by myself
I'd rather drown than
relieved from
All the torture and pain
After fighting war for
Values sacred and holy
In the history of mankind
Your name will remain
Guided by your fearless
concept - and by all that we know of ancient Egypt, embraced life and the hope of an eternal afterlife - most ancient Egyptians probably were resigned to do
Eternal flame above my headstones
The set that I claim is null
X made of bones as revenge for the decaying skull
A raging bull 'til I'm paid in