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fall by vestigial engram

Eternal return into the night
Disambiguation in the Unlight

Stranger here, yet stranger still the underlying pull of will
The light conquers the darkness
Where the divine blood flows
This is the source of the Truth
And the Eternal Glory

It awakes in my
[Lyrics by RMS Hreidmarr]

We are the Sun
We are the dead stars
We are the black sky
Invading your room
We are the candle
The only light
We are
The eternal breath is calling
Ever to be sanctified
There's nothing like the pain
And the hollow sound of silence

The time has come
To tell
to save the forsaken ones and to re-light the 
dying fire. 
The crowd was confused and divided in two, a battle was about 
to begin. 
Another man with
of Night's Warrior. 
Forever, the solitary legatee of her gift and raptured soul unto she,
He engages the weakened forces of light in the eternal affray:
the Lord

Eternal light of men came to give sight to men
The same light that shines blinds men
Who in their own eyes are wise men
Fallen in their human
bright lights got me on the spot
Heavy heat,sucked in my boxes, rubbing on my meat
Vigilante rap, take negociations to the street
Money, mountain gear
manhunt with cannons
Will make me abandon my foolish plan of uprising
Fuck dying I hijack a mech
Controlling with my magical chance so battle advance