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I'm get some pill from medic
You know imma finna get it
All she do is eat spaghetti
Baby all this shit romantic
Better run and just forget me
new ways to improve it
We can find our passion take it and pursue it
Yeah my bars Kinect don’t you ever forget it
I’m cop-esthetic see your ethic
gon' wear a Jesus piece and hope to go to heaven
I can tell she like it when I'm so esthetic, how amazing
She said she flirty and crazy
She wanna get
esthetic you boys are inferior
Deadass she knows that I'm saucy yeah
Lil mama wanna get naughty yeah
Trips to Egoli in Braamie yeah
You pussy niggas ain't
a medic?
Diabetic ye he epic, do you see the esthetic?

Trap in my veins like a true addict (addict!)
Blow my kids on her face like a pyrotechnic (uh)
My esthetic they coped
Copper on my wrist
Couple crystals in my pocket
Gold ankh, gold gauge wit the shambala
I'm a full metal alchemist boy I got
Facing the signs finding your way to spark your flame or you wasting your time
Embedded esthetics a figure four breaking your spine
Reach for decline
Esthetic on point but I'm good y’all can have it
SELF destructive, but you love this
Mysterious, yet always stunting
Repeating same actions like you a puppet
for esthetic purposes
Or perceived safety reasons
In order to practice good forestry, just leave the dead to rot
things. I mean symmetric things; you know esthetic things
BBS on Michelin, rims I'm talking shiny things
All to me attainable when I put my mind to things
Cuz syllables ran away when the mic had to accept tuns of shit
Struggling with problematic esthetics mad lyrics god plans 
To destroy your automation
psychedelics got me high
It's all connected by design
Free Drugs, got no synthetics
I got fee drugs free your mind for this esthetic

Ain't bout it if it ain't
Future fantastic marionette
Robosapien genetic

Altered esthetic hand puppeteer
Robosapien synthetic

Future fantastic spun gun a rou-lette
пытайся позер!
Russky basics UK esthetics -
Игра на все, и без шанса бросить! 

Вспышка, штамп, Рэдо - новый паспорт.
Вокруг сто масок говорят, как все.
bout the same shit
Blame it on genetics
Dramatic, so let it, now you look pathetic
Esthetic cosmetic just to look magnetic
Woke up with a headache
on it yeah I’m with it
But every time That I’m feeling you just bring right back
It’s so copacetic yeah you bet it’s your esthetic
And when you go up
You pissed off cause you got caught 
But thats pathetic 
Still pointing fingers
Middle ones 
To thee esthetic
Of how I've been good to you
Say I m
is perfect a fine esthetic
But underneath it all's a diff'rent true
You're such a looker a real good looker
They've gone and put you on a pedestal
headed rejoice from the depths 

So pathetic 
They hate me I'm an angelic
No esthetic 
I'm thinking that it's all genetics
Vibes kinetic 
Roll it light it
Makin' me wanna groove 

In a sea of bobbing heads 
You're the kinetic in the room 
Baby we could dance all night 
My esthetic is to groove

Hey hey

Patek on patek on patek
I had to ride with the static 
The bitch is esthetic 
I fuck on that bih like I meant it
No Twitter she wanna be
Why you’re tryna be esthetic
Cause my currency electric
Different countries eating breakfast
Fifty grand from the last trip
He ain’t got no paper or no
It's anti esthetic
And if you think the way we feel
It is just pathetic

I have to tell you
That we are extraordinary
And that you're not going
She's in love with my esthetic 
Got them crosses hanging down on my satanic drip
Chasing bitches through the woods on my Jason shit
Then I spark my

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