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constant assurance of authority
Continuance with burnt offering
Sacrifice to the altar of bloodlust - culture
The essence of innocence flawed by corruption
can never die

By a river crystal bright
There's a tree where waters flow
Leaves that fall for our healing
Scattered on the world below
Satan - angel of darkness carry me
Through the seventh gate.
Take me to the regions of evil, let your
Flames surround my soul.

I have given you
If y'all use drugs y'all will destroy ya minds, lie, and steal
Lose ya self-respect, essence and ya pride
And mama won't succeed the birth of ya
angels fall
Heaven's up against the wall
Changes holding sway
We can make you anyone
By the morning we'll be gone
The ministry of saints

from the moment she first cried 
She was a mountain angel certified 
She was her momma's baby, she was her daddy's pride 
Good at home, at church
Consume the resolve of wrath
In essence we will soar on great flame in the fall of the holy
Scratched out marks in blood
These grainy images in
She was born with a song in the air
In the summer of 85
The clouds just went and the day became so bright
A child of love angel like
Open the pearly gates, bright white lights Madonna
Angels lined up in my honor, ya' honor
Name me king
Name me king
I took the crown, infiltrated
Ooh, tap in to the frequency, love
Ooh, tap in to the frequency, love

Fall from dusk to dawn, I am truly alive
The satellite that sits in frame
sore with pride 
For brave lads all were they 
As the angels fly, how they climbed so high 
On the dawning of the day 

But the edge is moving
Face me evil bastard, smell the hate of angels
Glory, pride and bloodshed
Cowards and beholders, rapers of my wisdom
Mix of dust and bones
The fall of their existence
Extinction, the will of humanity
Forsaken by my hand

Oh weep, the angels shall be destroyed
As claws remove their wings
of the falling
Armageddon's near it's the end of the genesis
Dying by the flood, no way back, no recalling
The malice and the pride is the death and fall of man
missing an angel
Did you fall from a star like an angel from above
Your moonbeam smile and the warmth of love
Heaven's missing an angel
So much more
on bended knees!"

Her fall is one of beauty revealing colors undistributed by a storming sky
With skill and patience learnt from crane she drips blood
Candle light, I'm very tired
Dreamin' of the girl I know
Her angel eyes, the pretty smile
Haunts me everywhere I go
My seal of pride has broken
To destroy all you have and love
If you think my hate's unjust
Wait and see how much I can give I sit clipping
The wings of angels
As they fall
was high like an aeroplane, would you look at me the same?


If we walked side by side
Would you step stab my back and kill my pride
Say bye - bye to any hope
Of angels that wear white
By yourself alone you are
And ego is your plight
Ego is your plight
Ego is your plight see
the stressin
The aggression, the look of no hope on me and my niggaz faces
Like the lord overlooked us when he handed down his graces
You see embraces, fall
for it real is hella fast
Capitol, a sound that's on the rise
It's shaking unrealized until essence has been raised
Sepulchre, a stage alive by
sore with pride 
For brave lads all were they 
As the angels fly, how they climbed so high 
On the dawning of the day 

But the edge is moving
walk away from me
'Cause' this is our war

One by one, we are together, we fall together
One by one, we are together, we fall together

Now my brother
Took her to the hospital like right away
She a angel with demons, the girl like night and day
Stressed out, parents getting divorced
Girl love 'em