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the obliteration
Constructing our own eradication
When we fall unto the ground
Our vengeful mother will smite us down
When we fall unto the ground
We're at the mercy
over head scouting deadly patients
Prepare for violence anticipated
Prepare for a state of eradication
Prepare for a state of extermination
2080 it’s
The Armageddon's begun
Obliteration, Eradication
Depopulation's begun
Disintegration, Extermination
The final battle's begun

Behold a Beast adorned
mankind had been strangulated
Obedience to the endless rage purgatory of the decapitated
Eradication without a failure
Against the cross against the savior
will die
Sound boy eradication
And it no really matter what you try

Well reggae music a di people's choice
Use this rhythm
I let the crimson rain with pastel colours crystallise on my face
Sink full of mould and dew with gunk and goo no eradication no trace
Cracks, we
the skies pestilential they all will die 

Every last one, eradication of all humanity in its entirety all will fall 
The termination this is the end
of inveracity
Premeditated hateful actions to bring down this living plague
As serenity disguise the torment imploding among us

The genocidal path
Damned by birth with false divine insight
Such a twisted human comedy
Compelled your children to witness the end
Full-throttle eradication
our threat
I'm guilty, I'm useless

Genocide, homicide
Genocide, homicide
Extermination, eradication
Extermination, eradication
cause of
Global eradication

Rising tensions, proxy wars
Power balance, one spark to blow

As waiting time is over, deadly strike gets close
bombs explode
Bodies falling blood stained air dollars divide nations
War machine breeds greed feeds profitable
Mass graves million dollar
have done - beauty is gone
No protection from the fire
World's destruction on the run - all burned by the sun
Look at our broken
path through darkness
How is one condemned to such eradication
To such eradication
Why must we suffer at your hands
Why must we suffer at your hands
Eradication squad on the move
Smoke blacking out the sun
Wipe the slate clean for something new

Putrid ashes blazing fire
Abandoned and left behind
Disengage reality
Eradication of all dreams
Chorus of silent screams
Disgraced mortality
Deposing finality
And Torn apart at the seams
Exasperated sentience
Darkness now prevails
Blackened soul, my expiration
Headsman proceeds the termination
Bestial bloody eradication

Anarchy! In the nation!
Anarchy means liberation
I’d rather see the eradication.
Anarchy in the nation!

Mind racing, heart chasing, fear gazing
Contemplation, eradication, temptation
My situation, fucked up, but so amazing
My mind racing, fear facing,
imagination this is for the best

With this new generation all you see is lies
Witness eradication bringing your demise
Something here for me luck is on the out
Digitalization, computerization
Maximum trouble for this generation

Illegal and selective abortion
The young generation eradication
Dem just can't find lasting
Walls of meat
What a treat
Down I go
Sliding slow
All is black
I'm her snack

No mastication
No eradication
I go down whole
quest for power to the born again
and pray for silence for the hurt again
eradication of the tortured man
configuration of the lonely bleeding
an empire based on lies
I unleash upon others.

Indoctrination-feeding incapables with ridicule proclamations,
Psychic eradication, numbing common sense

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