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Buddha was a Scientist
He said Know Yourself
Sitting under a Bodhi tree
He observed himself
Teaching awareness
To overcome suffering
Brighter than the sun
Fairer than the moon
Your beauty is so dazzling
Bigger than the sea
Higher than the clouds
Your soul is so enlightening
Now I'm rhyming for enlightening this my life line 

Every time I write it's like I found my life line
Every time I drop you know it's the right
When this occurs
You defer
From the role that you play
Stories are told
Some are bold
Some are dark but enlightening
When they unfold
You behold
real, so enlightening
There’s no one like me
There’s a storm in the sky
Put my kite in the air
I’ll get burned by the fire
So why would I dare?
the Loudmouth school of rhyming 
Enlightening how my ill street blues screwed with your timing 
My lightning shock push release dates new years down the block
I'm an aviator
Dear time, I'm not in time, I'm coming later
Forgive me, oh, yes, I know you'll forgive me

My heart implodes to the core
the freedom earned
Lonely are prizing scenes
Of brief enlightening
Only horizons see the visions of everlasting
Come brethren
Back in a time
We've been missing
to escape all negativity
Expedient is the demon in the fourth side of the mind
Enlightening from deliverance
Indict me all the same
Reminding me it all will
to the creator
Lose my face in the vapors
Causing havoc I'm savage
Days away from the casket
Highly intoxicated
Enlightening intoxication
I know what I
Sick enough to sleep
Merely just a memory

Sitting in my darkened room
My body starts to shake
Heavy thoughts make my heart 
Rapidly pulsate
I need
Bitch I’m enlightening
Bitch I’m always striking like lightning
Life sentence in the pen Never stop writing
And Blow up like
now come teach me how
Is enlightening the way that you got it, wow
You got it yeah you got it baby
You got it yeah you got it baby
You got it yeah you
It really doesn't care if you're full of doubts
Love will travel at the speed of sound

It will feed your mind 
It will be like enlightening your
We're holding all the pieces

Writhing round in the throws of rapture and the views enlightening
A good tree doesn't need to scream, it'll strike
life, give back my heart
I know we can hold us together

Enlightening, enlightening
When we're not fighting, we're not fighting
Can't you see we
the thunder and lightning
Its trifling, enlightening, and frightening
Some might think that it's even exciting

I'm like a Harley Davidson motorcycle, born
matter if you're blind does it?
Can't you see?
And even lightning's just a spark
But it's so enlightening when you need to
Shine the light on me
See you on Mars
Where souls dream
And light beams
And here we go
Can you find me the truth
The inner vision of self enlightening
All I need is lying in front of me
Can you find me
Honey, honey honey, oh I can't always eat the same thing, now gimme some curry
Isn't it enlightening when your tongue's just like a swinging sword?
Lean on me
Enlightening me
Coming to me
Seeing that I can end it gives me a slight sense of dominance
And here it comes again
Telling me "in the end,
Was surely enlightening 
I weathered the storm 
I was then struck by lightning 
It reshaped my psyche 
To love all things frightening 
Est quaedam flere
to the lightness of its body
Please me
Relieve our souls
Make the flow of time enlightening
The reality is that she was trapped in that gelid cave
She had no idea

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