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should take heed of all I've learned
The war thundered on, raging into the dawn
Blood and lightning enkindled the sky
Exandria burned while we fought
breathtaking enormity
Of hot embers and pearl
Inspired and enkindled…
Let a blessed wrath quake you into activity
Know in your heart, that the rage you feel
I'm really a peace leader on the most, humblest mission
I once was enkindled by the burgeoning wisdom I'd seen within your soul
But a person can't be
the enkindled life
Finding out new ways to burn
Your matches twice
the corrupting few
Little thieves are hanged, the great ones escape
No More!
The great ones escape
No More!
Sober rage enkindled
Aroused on bitter truth
So rise
and throes.
This love I yearn for, is hard to see.
Through trails of smoke and enkindled trees.
I have to be free...

You suspect.
You suspect.
You suspect...
the portal
Poor earth-enkindled pair,
Though sad is many a spirit
To pass and leave them there
Still staring at their flowers,
That dull and faded are.
If one
earth-enkindled pair
Though sad is many a spirit
To pass and leave them there
Still staring at their flowers
That dull and faded are
If one should rise beside
How carelessly the bound daylight caresses 
Oblivious to wandering eyes extinguished 
Free me reckless with the night 
Elusive scenes enkindled
to life
The air lives by turning green and being in bloom
And the waters flow as if they were alive
The sun lives in it's light and the moon is enkindled
Meshuggah!)  Well was I aware I was more uplifted by the enkindled smiling of the stars... So I cannot find myself worthy.  Covered with scent vile they seem
with a past that turned;
Anvils were forged at an early stage, molded as cats or iarn-leastair.
Ioldanach has spied on this mystery, yet he's enkindled

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