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The mourning bands told whom they'd lost by last night's phantom messenger
And they spoke their only words in English, "Johnson, Nixon, Kissinger"
(Perspektiven / Perspectives)
[Spoken in English:]
Laibach takes over an organisational system of work, after the model of
Industrial production
you ain't used to
And it was easy for you to move through
English class with your own thesaurus
Like one of these days I'm gonna be a rapper
But all my
EL-P Speaking:

Is there anyone close.. by.. who can listen to this?
And who can see it.. plain as day
Look how it FALLS down
Falls down upon
the language that created Greek, German, Latin and English
Now the Minoans around 2000 B.C.
Starts on the island of Crete, in the Agean Sea
The Greek culture
by Eve
Who in turn coaxed Adam to cover they know the deed
When the Gods seen this they were very displeased
With no execution committed 
The first
that I disperse
And free you from the curse of the Spaniards
The French, Portuguese and English
Check me as I sing this
Science of mind, I bring this