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Engaging the Muse  


Fast, strong
Tightness, meshing
Meshing forever 
(Pert near)
Steel gear inside gear
And smoothness
Engaging, releasing
Lapping and plunging

and I
Never have to die

My plan's engaging
All of these points connecting one
My trap is simple
I will forgive you for all you've ever done
torment convincingly
Biting my nails
Do I look ill at ease
You be my friend
You are so pretty and
Witty and natural
Charming engaging with
Rise and shining rays appear
Before your eyes open
Better load the craft, depart
Engaging autoflight
Taken by the frequency
No longer just
Vibrations crack the core of my heart
Turning passion into a spark
Charging my moves to perfection
That's what I call satisfaction.
Engaging my
the reach of god
The end of all religion
To fight the war as one
Blasphemy, engaging in war
Rapture the whore

We're beyond salvation
Below the reach
I know I'm part of something greater than myself

We're all engaging in a game of attrition
Maybe God is just a chemical fiction

I'm a monkey
Every single day I watch the dead parade
The TV's on like opium
Superstars are raging
Stupid, loud and highly engaging
There goes the gravy train
feel inside is amazing 
Your honesty your artistry is engaging 
You are everything I hope to be

You have touch my soul I want you to know you are my
feel inside is amazing
Your honesty your artistry is engaging
You are everything I hope to be

You have touch my soul I want you to know you are my
tokens of affection
And there were rumors that they were
Engaging in

I think that they'd run out of time

You know what happened to them?
You know
instincts never fail

Through fortified lines
Last phase intercept
Based in destruction
Silently shreds

Exist longer under threat
Engaging to replay
flesh that you really be

Purging myself I'm slapping you like a beatch
Pain from within no pity for you do I feel
Engaging the war the suffering due
and learn
Always living and learning
Always living and learning

An engaging temptation had me doing time
Cause when it starts a fire under strong desire
lies a demonic enemy horde

On this day I decide to anoint my fist
Engaging them in the mode of power and war

Stopping at nothing just short
will never change
Nobody's well when every ones soul suffers
We're bound by circumstances
We can't disarrange
Does shame prevent you
From engaging
short fall
One f‌inds a f‌istful
All engaging
All engaging
Perfection is in that non perfection, and
I see queen, I see king, I see king, I see
Dreams are engaging in battle
Cosmos is rising to fight
Our world is neglected and falling
Gaia, she screams in the night!

On the verge
look ever more engaging
Accept the strings, they will support you
As you wave goodbye to childish things they contort you
I formed me a presence whose aspect was changing
Oh he would shift he would not shift at all
We sat for a while he was very engaging
And when he
an electrical storm
Voltage increasing, distance engaging, a mumbling timbre 
Silent to this awakening 
I'm sorry, a fucking tragedy
A mumbling timbre
soft Fred, my record player

Began to do the two step
Side by side my prize antique
And before you know it there they were
Engaging cheek to cheek
to the throne, I stand alone.
A vacant mind and a destined home.
Engaging the end in a seamless gaze.
Like blind I climb through the tortured blaze.
Raise me up
I won't hide from the sun that shines
I won't laugh all the rolling thunder
I won't waste time engaging too soon
I won't run from the spirits

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