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All-encompassing, sooner or later

Feel me
Touch me
Look at me
Hold me
Kiss me
Marry me

Every passion will have a spectator
All-encompassing, sooner
out of this all encompassing trip? 
You can spend your time alone  redigesting past regrets  oh... 
Or you can come to terms and realize 
smell it, hear it
Music pumping, drums are thumping
Thoughts encompassing my mind is running, pacing about
Time is a doubt. Time what is time
Hours in
We don't need rockets
We'll self-guide
So sing it, if it feels alright

Every time i feel the sun
I get an all encompassing desire
To light my way
Well I might if it's really tough
Can't stop
Well I might not be good enough
Doubts encompassing me
Won't quit
'Till I get to the bitter end
What if
I was high functioning in an all-encompassing world of delight that looked a lot like life

Sometimes my radar's broken
I can see it back in
still afraid
Stretch disease
Dirt shown

While blaming invectives divide
We'll keep your fire alive
We feel you; we still hear your voice
Now encompassing the globe
Zeros and ones no-one can touch
You must behold

So have you prayed to your phone today?
Atoning for all ignorance
Everything I do
And everything I see
Is part of my Kingdom
Encompassing me

Through the thick times and the thin
I've pulled through on my own terms
Everything I do
And everything I see
Is part of my Kingdom
Encompassing me

Through the thick times and the thin
I've pulled through on my own terms
displayed for all to see
This Darkness   encompassing me
Life stolen by the enemy
I cannot set myself free

My fear has been released, your grace leaves me
The joy that our hometown intends to bring
“Summoned again”
The voices in the wall
Reminding us to mourn for who we are
manufactured smiles
And I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame, soulless, full of doubt
The fog is all encompassing
No hope, no way out
No hope, no way out
and walk away

They never thought they'd find us here
Take her hand and feel the pain
Face down in the river, laughing
The all encompassing plan of history
Here lies before you, the all-encompassing opiate
Finding me at the bottom rung, the one place that is always within reach

I've seen your face
and all-encompassing
Enlightening and all-encompassing

Oh, I want to see the change tonight
Illuminate the path ahead
With darkness gone, the moon will light
The way
Resentment's roots run deep
I can feel it in my skin
The demons below the surface clawing their way in 
Relinquish everything, it's all encompassing
Another shadow 
On the skull of the earth
A walking void
Than the acts ridiculed 
The same answer
A number
I have seen behind the veil
That which awaits eternal
Immense and all encompassing
Through time it will endure

Mourn as skies darken
Your eyes now
In circles concentric
Against the earth
I enthrone my spiritworlds
Obviously of frost shall be

Blizzard beasts
Encompassing me
To vipe
Eyes glazed.
Cast away from reality.
No regards for the limits of speed.
Encompassing soliloquy.
Selfish is the center of thought.
Can you
encompassing array
There's nowhere anyone can hide secrets or lies
When they scan you with their prying eyes, your words are analyzed
You never really know
grow fonder
How could patience ever hurt you?
Don't check my status
Just give me the standard thing
Pearls of wisdom
Encompassing pearls of wisdom
of please we bathe
Engulfing, encompassing like a cataclysmic shockwave
Of an impact so deep, but not one of destruction
But of creation, elation in

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